ong boon jun

Ong Boon Jun is a pimp who operates in Singapore and dubbed as the Most Suay Person in Singapore for his involvement with full-time national serviceman, Dave Teo Ming who had gone AWOL from camp with a rifle and live ammunition in September last year.

Ong has been sentenced to 6.5 years jail and 6 strokes of the cane on Monday (25 Feb 2008) for not reporting his friend, Dave, to the authority even though he had ample time to do so.

Here’s the full article from Straits Times:

ONG Boon Jun, the co-accused of full-time national serviceman Dave Teo Ming who had gone AWOL from camp with a rifle and live ammunition, had every opportunity to report his friend to the authorities but he did not.

The 22-year-old was hauled to court for being found in the 20-year-old’s company at a Geylang hotel room in circumstances which presumed that he knew Teo had the firearm in his possession last Sept 3.

On Monday, District Judge Liew Thiam Leng sentenced Ong to six and a half years and six strokes of the cane after he pleaded guilty to the charge last week.

In passing sentence, the judge said the safety of the public and the security of the state could not be compromised.

‘A person who is in unlawful possession of a rifle will pose a security risk to the state and the public,’ he said.

As a former national serviceman, Ong was ‘well aware of the importance of preserving the security of the state’.

‘It was incumbent upon him to report to the police to ensure that no harm is caused to anyone after he came to know that the co-accused was in possession of a stolen army rifle. More so in this case as the accused was informed by the co-accused that he intended to commit robbery.’

The freelance pimp operating near Lorong 18 Geylang had known Teo, who had engaged the services of a Thai prostitute through him.

Teo, whose case is pending, went absent without leave from Mandai Hill Camp on Sept 2 when he took the SAR-21 and five rounds of ammunition.

He went home and retrieved three more rounds he had earlier stolen and loaded them into the magazine. He left home with the rifle in a bag and checked into Champagne Hotel in Lorong 16 Geylang the next day.

After assembling the rifle and loading the magazine in the room, Teo covered the weapon with some pillows before calling Ong for the services of the Thai prostitute.

The court heard that Ong knew about the rifle and Teo had even shown it to him in the hotel room, saying he had stolen it from camp to commit robbery. Teo later left with the dismantled rifle in his bag while the prostitute and Ong stayed behind and took a nap.

Teo was arrested that night in the third floor toilet at Orchard Cineleisure. Ong was nabbed the next day at 3.45am.

Ong remained expresionless in the dock when he was sentenced. But according to his father who saw him later, Ong was crying.

The father, together Ong’s mother and a cousin, declined to speak to the media.

Under the Arms Offences Act, Ong could have been jailed between five and 10 years and given not less than six strokes for the offence.

This guy is really sibeh suay! If a very good friend of mine AWOL and come find me… I will also be in a dilemma as to whether to report him to the authority.

Dave Teo is such a big time Sabo King! He want to steal rifle and act Rambo – also don’t need to drag in his friend right?

The last time I went back reservist in January, SAF made a lot of extremely stringent changes to weapon safety precautions, thanks also to Dave Teo.

Ong must really hate Dave Teo to the core now for landing him in such hot soup. If not for Dave, he will still be outside, pimping the services of the prostitutes under his care, leading a carefree life, “test-driving” newbies to the trade.

All eyes are now on the sentence of the Sabo King himself will get. In any case, it will definitely be harsher than what was meted out to his buddy, Ong Boon Jun.

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