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Who is Dave Teo Ming?

Dave Teo Ming

Corporal Dave Teo Ming became the most wanted man in Singapore last Sunday after he went missing from Mandai Hill Camp on Sunday at about 11.59pm, with a SAR-21 rifle and some ammunition issued to him for guard duty.

To hunt him down, police mounted an intensive manhunt, with more than 200 officers from the Criminal Investigation Department, Police Intelligence Department and the Police Special Tactics and Rescue.

This ended at about 8pm yesterday when Dave was arrested along Orchard Road near Orchard Cineleisure.

Read more about it on TODAY online.

Dave is reported to be an Infantry rifleman from the 1st Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment and was enlisted in September 2005. He was due for his ORD next month.

One more month lei… damn sad case.

What drove him to commit this senseless act that will doom his future to jail?

According to HardWareZone forum‘s extremely powerful intelligence, during Dave’s time in army, he commited some offence and ended up in DB before. He had a girlfriend who broke up with him five months ago. His ex-girlfriend found another SHE. Dave apparently cannot get over her. You can visit her girlfriend’s blog HERE.

Even if this above account is true, what Dave did is still really foolish as very severe punishment awaits him. According to news report, the last guy who pulled a stunt like this was sentenced to five years in jail and 12 strokes of the rotan!

I feel very sorry for Dave and I sincerely wish him and his family members all the best.

Little boys reading this who are under 18: PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS NEXT TIME WHEN YOU SERVE NS.

It is not worth it.

Then again, when it comes to affairs of the heart – things get irrational.


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  1. Yeah! Peace be with ya. Singapore is a very unforgiving society, if you are not normal or lack behind in education, have a jail record etc. Things are extremely tough. Just hope due to the circumstances he faced such as breaking off with his gf etc, he would be given counselling and probation instead of jail.

  2. Well said. Then again… he could have been another Cho Seung-Hui… Imagine a bloodbath at Cineleisure, Virginia Tech style.

    Nothing like that ever happen in Singapore before.

  3. Really foolish of him and dumb too.
    He could have thought of a better plan instead of just chionging to cineleisure with a rifle. He should have expected that to happen.

  4. In my opinion, he should be jailed 7 years on each count of offence.

    7 yrs for rifle,
    7 yrs for ammo,
    7 yrs for AWOL.

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