54-year-old man threatens 45-year-old ex with nude photo leak and knife - Alvinology

54-year-old man threatens 45-year-old ex with nude photo leak and knife

Just imagine that the hacker who exploited Joal Ong’s Cloud drive in 2017 for a nude photo leak was 54 years old and threatened influencers with a knife.

While amusing to think of, the man involved plead guilty in Singaporean court to one count each of harassing the 45-year-old woman and threatening to distribute her intimate pictures.

Disappointed and unhappy over his failed relationship, the man rushed to his ex’s apartment, broke in, and threatened her with a knife. Two days before, he had also threatened to leak her nude photos.

Uncle threatens Auntie with nude photo leak

The man, who cannot be named so that his victim would not be identified, trespassed into his ex’s home. He waved a knife at her after he unsuccessfully bullied her with a nude photo leak.

Prosecutors in the case said that he had taken photos of her while the latter two were in romantic and sexual situations. He then used these photos in harassing and intimidating her.

The prosecutors said, “He had convinced her to pose in compromising positions while naked for him to photograph her. The victim was aware and consented to the accused taking said photos. However… she did not consent to the distribution of these photographs.”

They had broken up in 2019, and the man pleaded guilty on May 27, 2021.

54-year-old man threatens 45-year-old ex with nude photo leak and knife - Alvinology

What happened with the Uncle and Auntie?

A report from The Straits Times said that on September 14, 2020, the man sent his ex a text message saying that he would leak her nude photos. The woman experienced a lot of distress over the threats.

Two days after, he set out and broke into her home, and bullied her anew with a knife.

Then an argument happened over matters concerning jewelry and loans. The prosecutors said, “The victim did not know of any loans or jewellery he had given to her and the two got into a verbal dispute about the above matter.”

Another woman, whose name was not included in the court records, was present at the altercation, and stopped him from brandishing the knife further in an attempt to slash his ex-lover. He stopped, and the police were made aware of the events.

He could be jailed for five years when sentencing occurs on July 5.

54-year-old man threatens 45-year-old ex with nude photo leak and knife - Alvinology

2017 Singapore nude photo leak

Alvinology previously reported on the massive nude photo leak involving several influencers in 2017. Central to the scandal was influencer Joal Ong and his ex-girlfriend Christabel Chua also known as bellywellyjelly.

He posted an apology the year after the scandal broke, which involved other female influencers. According to his post, the man involved in exploiting Joal’s photo account has been apprehended. More than two years after the leak, the post is still up, and marked the end of the period where Joal took a hiatus from social media, all but scraping himself from Facebook and Instagram.

Christabel has also spoken up about the leak since then, and her ‘worst’ breakup.

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