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Shop better at Watsons Singapore with its new “Scan & Go” payment option and upcoming Home Delivery Express

Watsons Singapore has implemented ‘Scan & Go’, a new payment option when customers shop in-store. The first health & beauty retailer in Singapore to implement a contactless payment for shoppers in-store, “Scan & Go” is currently being piloted at Funan store, before being introduced to more Watsons stores island-wide.

Besides ‘Scan & Go’ to enhance the in-store shopping experience, new initiatives such as on-demand delivery for online shoppers and upcoming new delivery service, Home Delivery Express feature at Watsons Online, are designed to meet the fast-evolving needs of consumers.

Scan & Go

Through the ‘Scan & Go’ feature on the Watsons app, customers can scan their items, make contactless payment through their VISA, MASTER, Apple Pay or Google Pay, and proceed to leave the store with their purchases.

This is applicable for any check-out value; hence, customers will be able to purchase low-value items off the shelves quickly without having to join the queue. ‘Scan & Go’ was first launched in Hong Kong this July 2020 and has received encouraging positive feedback from customers who enjoy this new level of convenience.

Singapore will be the second market in the world to launch ‘Scan & Go’, with Watsons Funan Mall being the first store to introduce it on August 2020.

Home Delivery Express and GrabMart

With customers looking to e-commerce for speed and convenient shopping, Watsons will be offering a new Home Delivery Express feature islandwide for purchases made on their app and website by the 4th quarter of 2020. With this feature, customers will be able to receive their orders within 3 hours.

Besides the upcoming Home Delivery Express, Watsons has also partnered with GrabMart to offer an on-demand delivery option for customers since June 2020. With a listing of over 300 health, beauty & personal care products, this makes Watsons the largest Health and Beauty retailer on GrabMart.

From Scan & Go for customers preferring fast contactless payment when they are in Watsons store to Watsons’ upcoming Home Delivery Express for online shoppers, and the exclusive partnership with GrabMart to offer on-demand delivery, there is something for every shopper of different needs here at Watsons.

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