Man jailed for posing as spirit medium to trick woman into prostitution - Alvinology

Man jailed for posing as spirit medium to trick woman into prostitution

Today, in the many ways depraved Singaporean men have tricked women into having sex with them, a man pretended to be spiritualist in contact with his female friend’s crush. The 19-year-old girl believed the conman, and had sex with him on the pretense that she could get closer with the soul of the man she liked. She was reportedly 24 years old as of publishing.

The woman asked Kenneth Lim Zhi Zhan, who was a friend, to put her in contact with the man she liked who resided on another plane. In a bid to fool her and get sex, Kenneth told her that the man’s spirit wanted to “make love” to her. To do so, however, she had to provide sex to Kenneth, who said he needed the act to get her closer to the one she wanted, said a report from Today.

He was also able to fool her into doing the same to other men, that sex with other men made her closer to being intimate with the man’s spirit. Kenneth said her prostitution would allow him to buy prayer items.

During Kenneth’s trial, the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) determined that she had a history of depression with psychotic features. The man she was craving who lived in the “nether world” was nothing but a figment of her imagination.

This man posed as a sugar daddy contact to get girls to give him sex for free.

Man jailed for posing as spirit medium to trick woman into prostitution - Alvinology

Woman said she dreamed of her ‘crush’ often

Kenneth and the woman met in 2013. She was 17 years old at the time, and Kenneth was working as a Certis Cisco Security guard. They parted ways up two years later, but that was not the last time they would be entangled.

Reports said that the woman saw her desired man’s photo on a friend’s mobile phone and became obsessed. From there, she said that she dreamed of him constantly. She was still close friends with Kenneth, and she told him about her desires.

They parted ways shortly after that.

In 2014, she told him that her crush had died, and asked if there was a way for her to connect with the man’s spirit so her next life would involve the man.

She told the accused that she missed (the man) very much and that he kept appearing in her dreams.

“The accused decided to play along and told the victim that he was a Chinese ‘medium’ and that he could help her to connect with (the man) on the condition that she kept it a secret. Otherwise, the spirit would be chased away.” said the prosecution.

He told her that she needed to have sex with him so that he could ‘unite their spirits’. The woman believed him and allowed the sexual arrangements to continue for several months.

Things escalated however, when Kenneth said that he needed her to have sex with more men, so that he could realize her goal. He said he needed more prayer items to do what she wanted, and she agreed further. He lied to her that the man she desired asked this, saying that having sex with others would burn “hell money” for him in the underworld.

The woman ended up having sex with six clients and handed over at least S$5,000 in cash to Kenneth. He used this to pay off his personal debts from online gambling. She unknowingly prostituted herself from August and September 2015.

The woman’s family member found out about what happened, and lodged a police report on October 28, 2015.

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