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Broke man cheats sex workers, promises Sugar Daddy contacts if they ‘pass’ his ‘evaluation’

A man who could not afford sex worker services admitted to lying to them to let them give him sex in exchange for a connection with a ‘sugar daddy’.

De Beers Wong Tian Jun admitted to duping at least eleven women through his scheme, telling them that he acted as a “sugar daddy agent” to “test them out” so he could recommend them to a wealthy man willing to pay them an allowance in exchange for their company. Aside from an allowance, the man would be expected to spend a lot of money on the woman in the form of gifts, dates, and other needs.

Sometimes, the company would include sex.

Who is De Beers Wong Tian?

The 39-year-old conman De Beers Wong Tian, “pleaded guilty in a district court on Thursday (March 18) to 10 charges, including multiple counts of cheating. Twenty-six other charges will be considered during sentencing.” said The Straits Times.

Wong went about his scheme by answering sex worker advertisements online in 2011, even if he was aware that he could not afford any of their services. He then used a website called Locanto to set up his own advertisement to call for “sugar babies” or girls interested in “sugar daddies” who would receive cash in exchange for sex.

Between April 2015 to January 2016, at least eleven women responded to his ad, ranging from eighteen to 24 years old. Wong then lied to these women, saying that he knew men who would agree to pay them $8,000 to $20,000 monthly for their services.

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Deputy Public Prosecutors Cheng Yuxi and Tan Pei Wei stated in court documents: “He also told them that, in order to successfully secure a ‘sugar daddy’ arrangement with these clients, they had to send their nude photographs to the accused, have photographs taken of them in the nude, and/or engage in sexual conduct with the accused, which were filmed by the accused on some occasions.

“The accused further deceived the victims that these acts were necessary so that the victims could be ‘evaluated’ by his clients to assess their suitability for the ‘sugar daddy’ arrangement.”

With the collateral secured from this women, Wong was able to extort more sex from some of them even when they refused.

Broke man cheats sex workers, promises Sugar Daddy contacts if they 'pass' his 'evaluation' - Alvinology

Victim testifies

The report said that one of the victims fell for Wong’s lies, and had sex with him. The 24-year-old woman met Wong at a Hotel 81 branch on Oct 18, 2015. He took topless photos of her and was able to have unprotected sex with her after that.

Later, the woman said she experienced anxiety about the photos and the unprotected sex she had with Wong.

The prosecutors said: “She would sometimes cry during these attacks, and these were occasionally accompanied by shortness of breath, headaches, nausea and giddiness. In addition, she began having sleeping problems and nightmares.”

The woman turned out to have adjustment disorder, said the Institute of Mental Health.

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When she asked Wong to delete her photos, he refused, and instead told her that he would only delte them if she provided him with sex. She said that she only wanted the photos deleted and was doing him a favor instead of going to the police. Wong countered, “Now I have to pass your photos to my friends, in case anything happens to me, they will use the photos as they wish.”

The woman nonetheless filed a police report on February 3, 2016.

Wong victimized ten other women similarly, with his next trial date set for April 20, 2021.

Header image from The Straits Times.

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