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Embark on a Purposeful Journey with Jetstar’s “Make It Count” Campaign for 2024

Jetstar is introducing its latest brand proposition, urging globetrotters to “Make It Count” in 2024. This marks a significant milestone in Jetstar’s partnership with The Secret Little Agency, with the previous brand proposition, “Because You Can,” having taken flight over seven years ago.

To shape this new travel narrative, Jetstar Asia delved into the travel habits of consumers with a nationwide survey conducted in October 2023. The survey revealed a fascinating insight: 85% of respondents believe holidays are vital, yet nearly 60% have yet to plan their getaways for 2024. Armed with this knowledge, “Make It Count” aims to inspire individuals to overcome procrastination in travel planning and infuse purpose into their journeys, underscoring the significance of meaningful travel experiences.

Embark on a Purposeful Journey with Jetstar's "Make It Count" Campaign for 2024 - Alvinology

In alignment with the evolving travel landscape, the campaign advocates for a shift in focus – from merely where one is going to understanding why they travel. “Make It Count” encourages travelers to prioritize the quality of their experiences and to embark on journeys with intention and purpose.

The launch of this new brand platform comes complete with a comprehensive brand toolkit, featuring a library of assets tailored for digital, social, and various destinations and occasions. A captivating film accompanies the campaign, immersing the audience in a visceral adventure. Viewers will journey through a visual scrapbook capturing the essence of meaningful travel experiences, creating lasting memories that linger well after the journey concludes. Shot in hot travel destinations across Asia and featuring Jetstar’s crew, the film resonates with modern travelers who seek to live out their journeys with intention and purpose.

This exciting brand platform coincides with the celebration of Jetstar’s 19th birthday sale on 12 December 2023, and is set to extend its influence well into 2024 through digital programmatic, social media, and out-of-home advertising, including iconic billboards across the Asia Pacific region.

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