Josh Cahill and Singapore Airlines FA girlfriend threatened and bashed for airline critique vlog - Alvinology

Josh Cahill and Singapore Airlines FA girlfriend threatened and bashed for airline critique vlog

A previous report on Alvinology said that popular airline and travel vlogger Josh Cahill reviewed our very own Singapore Airlines and found that the price tag of $1620 for his Singapore-London flight “wasn’t worth it.”

Since publishing the video on YouTube, the popular vlogger has been inundated with comments that range from agreement to bashing. Other flight attendants from both Singapore Airlines and other carriers messaged him to express their thoughts.

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Singaporean flight attendant girlfriend said it was okay to post a bad review

Cahill’s girlfriend happens to be a Singapore Airlines FA, and the two discussed the content of his review before it went up.

Reports online said that even if his girlfriend has been an FA for the airlines for a number of years, she thought it’s all right to be honest in his review.

Josh Cahill and Singapore Airlines FA girlfriend threatened and bashed for airline critique vlog - Alvinology

Netizens threaten Josh Cahill, warn girlfriend

While Alvinology previously reported that Cahill received a lot of hate for his review, screenshots of conversations with other netizens showed that the attacks became personal and even very insulting, including some messages towards his girlfriend that cautioned her about being with Cahill.

Reports said that Cahill’s girlfriend received messages that warned her off the relationship, and said that Cahill was only exploiting his nationality in being with a Singaporean girl like her.

Other netizens’ messaged went so far as to theaten Cahill with violence if he ever rode on a Singapore Airlines flight again.

What did airline vlogger Josh Cahill say in his video about Singapore airlines?

The roughly 11-minute video features Cahill boarding a flight on Singapore Airlines from Changi to Heathrow, and his thoughts on how the second-best airline in the world treated him in his economy seat.

According to the video, he had high expectations since one of the highlights of the airline’s reputation were their flight attendants, who were considered the best-trained in the world.

His review, though, mentioned that he was disappointed in the FA’s customer engagement. He also praised the airline’s amenities and their rest room.

Another part of the video also mentioned that he had received much better FA engagement and customer service on a Malaysia Airlines flight, which isn’t considered an airline with a good track record thanks to the accidents and crashes it was involved in the past few years.

Other airlines and FAs react to the video

Josh Cahill shared that other FAs from different airlines (SA included) messaged him as well. Their sentiments were much more positive, though.

One netizen who introduced herself as a FA said that she advised her colleagues to be “less task oriented” during flights so they could give engagement with passengers who want to converse during the flight.

Other netizens hit back at the bashers, saying that Cahill was one of the more reliable airline vloggers out there, and that while his critique may be true, the FAs could have been on a “bad day” on that particular flight.

Netizens point out hypocrisy

Other commenters on the video pointed out that Singaporeans were quick to bash Cahill due to a perceived slight against Singapore, but were themselves guilty of criticizing their own country and fellow Singaporeans.

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