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Who is Kane Lim of Bling Empire? Who are his ultra-rich Singaporean parents?

31-year-old Kane Lim has taken Reality TV by storm, with Singaporeans and other netizens all over the world wondering who he is, and what the rich kid’s family does that he can wear Cartier on every single finger all day, everyday.

While Kane Lim is not related whatsoever to Kim Lim, daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim, the Singaporean living in Los Angeles has his own claim to rich kid fame by being on and co-producing Netflix’s Bling Empire, which is “Crazy Rich Asians” but for real.

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The show reached the number 1 spot in Singapore Netflix, according to Kane.

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Who is Kane Lim?

Kane Lim was just one of the newest reality stars that became famous simply because of their fame and riches, thanks to Netflix’s show Bling Empire. In the show, super-wealthy people living in Los Angeles get featured so the proletariat can aspire to becoming rich in another lifetime or parallel universe.

Or the show is just to show people how rich Asian people in Los Angeles live.

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People were keen to know how Kane got his status, especially Singaporeans who love to know about how other Singaporeans made it big abroad. Kane, however, was only forthcoming about his own investments and financial status. He declined to give any information about his family and his father.

Is Kane Lim’s father a billionaire?

While Kane decided that the Asia One interview would not go into the specifics of his father’s business, he did mention that his father was not a billionaire. “Unless he isn’t telling me something!” he also joked.

What he did say was that his father managed a billion-dollar business. According to reports, Kane’s family has interests in shipping, oil, and real estate.

But for Kane himself, he said his money comae from “smart” investments when he was much younger. He said he asked his father for a loan so he could start investing, and he made some good decisions, because he apparently paid his father back in two months!

He started investing when he was 17 years old, and made his first million three years after that.

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He also said he invested in fashion, and his earnings there have been used in other investments. He runs a financial firm in Los Angeles, that has interests in hospitality, wellness, real estate, and renewable energy.

Designer shoe collection

What Kane does attribute to himself is that he is obsessed with designer shoes. With a collection that rivals the bag situation we see from Jamie Chua, Kane said he once went into a designer shoe store and said, “I have walked into a designer shoe store and said, ‘I’ll take one pair of everything you have in every colour, I’ll take it all.”

Kane identified himself as a vegetarian Buddhist who started being devout three years ago. He told The Straits Times, “It really taught me to be compassionate to myself. I’ve been vegetarian for the last three years and I’ve stopped smoking.”

He has done charity work in 2015, where he sold a Celine bag and and an Hermès bangle to benefit Singapore Red Cross.

Header image from Kane Lim Instagram page.

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