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These Young Rich Kids from Southeast Asia Are Already Balling Even Before You Get Your First Credit Card

So who rules the South Asia rich kid scene? Just how much of the region do these elite heirs and heiresses stand to inherit and eventually dominate in the later years.

And more importantly, who do you think rules over the rich kids? Let’s take a look at the children who make private jets, Birkins, exotic travel and designer shoes as common as our daily commute.

Kim Lim

There’s your usual artistic flatlay and then there’s Kim Lim’s flatlay of nothing below USD $1000. As the daughter of Peter Lim, she’s one of the most well-known rich kids from Singapore. Her father Peter Lim own the Valencia Football club and is one of the richest men in SG.

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Dominique Cojuangco

Not only is she the daughter of one of the richest men in the Philippines (Tony Boy Cojuangco) she’s also the only child of one of the enduring beauties of the country. As Gretchen Barretto’s child, she doesn’t only have the money but also the status to go beyond even your usual It Girl.

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Chryseis Tan

She’s friends with Kim Lim, her dad owns not one but two football clubs, so Chryseis could be even bigger than Kim. Still, they’re pretty close and she can certainly keep up with the Singapore socialite.

Maybe they message each other while they’re both on trips to exotic places via helicopter.

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Ezra William

His $740,000 designer goods collection gets him through the door as one of the richest kids in South Asia, but his reputation as a fashionista in New York is what puts him at the top of the list. He just doesn’t own the things, he makes everything looks brilliant and classy.

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Pimpisa Chirathivat

What Pimpisa has going for her (aside from being the heiress to the Central Group in Thailand) is that she’s a DJ, model, and hardworking executive for her family’s businesses. Even if she doesn’t need to work, she sure makes good use of her time.

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So what do you think about all these rich kids from Asia? They could sure give their Western counterparts a run for their money, and look extremely good doing it.

While we can never know how much they’re actually worth, who do you think does it the best? Let us know in the comments!

Header image from Kim Lim’s Instragram account


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