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Who is Mohammad Imran Sahib? Ex-national football player, ex-Grab driver, or convicted molester?

According to a report by The Star, Mohammad Imran Sahib, a former national football player for Singapore has been sentenced to eighteen weeks in jail for molesting the friend of a Tinder date.

He was found guilty of two counts of molestation and one count of using criminal force on the victim.

Who is Mohammad Imran Sahib?

Before his new career as a molester and inmate, 38-year-old Sahib was a football player for the Singaporean national team. He also had three children and a wife, aside from being a first-time offender, according to the same report. He was married when he went on the popular dating app to find someone to see.

Reports said that, “Imran was briefly once a national footballer. He made one appearance for the national team in a World Cup qualifier against Oman in 2004. He also played in the S.League as it was known then, most recently as a defender with Tampines Rovers Football Club.”

The Malay Mail reported that Sahib went out with the woman he met on the dating app and her friend. They went clubbing, and after the third and last club saw his date vomiting in public, he made his move on the woman she brought along. The visited  Get Juiced, Fleek and Baliza.

According to the same report, Sahib kissed the woman while his date was vomiting. He was a private-hire Grab driver on March 4, 2018, which was the date the offenses happened.

Yahoo News reported that when Sahib’s date was vomiting, the female companion asked him if she was all right, and that was when he struck.

The woman vomited in a carpark, and Sahib took the opportunity to kiss the woman still in the car with him.

The companion did not say anything about the incident when her friend returned to the car. The latter was dropped off at her Ang Mo Kio home. The companion didn’t mention the incident because she thought her friend was interested in Sahib.

He struck again as they exited his date’s residential carpark, using force to grope her thigh. His hand went high enough that he lifted her skirt and reached for her inner thigh. He continued his unwanted attentions by taking her hand and sucking on her fingers.

The woman in the case said that he used force on her to do what he wanted.

The molested woman then texted the friend they had just dropped off, telling her what happened. Sahi’s original date tried to call the victim, but the latter did not pick up so Sahib could not listen to the conversation.

She managed to escape when SAhib took a stop to relieve himself, and in her haste forgot her high-heeled shoes in his car as she fled barefoot back to her friend’s residence.

What was Mohammad Imran Sahib’s defense?

According to the same report, he claimed trial to all three charges, and that his defense lawyers said that he was only consoling her as her friend was vomiting, and that she was acting strangely allegedly due to consuming methamphetamine.

Sahib also said that the accusations were a way to get back at him by a man who was involved with the victim.

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