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DJ Jade Rasif is working on the COVID-19 frontlines, switches careers

Singapore’s hottest model-DJ just got hotter, and was confirmed to be working on the COVID-19 frontline to help the country combat the infection.

However, would we no longer see her at a turntable when the pandemic is over?

What’s happened to DJ Jade Rasif?

According to a report by Asia One, model-DJ Jade Rasif has resurfaced after months of relative silence on social media and events wearing an N95 mask and other personal protective equipment (PPE) on her Instagram account.

Still with the gorgeous lashes and fleek brows, the highest-paid model-DJ in Singapore may have swapped out her turntable for medical supplies as she works on the COVID-19 frontlines.

The report said that her last gig as a DJ was back in May in Malaysia at Club Dragonfly. Since then, she has had no work since the night life scene has been shut down everywhere.

Why did she want a career change?

The same report said that she had also been tested for the novel coronavirus in March, but had thankfully gotten a negative result after she experienced a fever, breathing anomalies, and a sore throat. She experienced such care and compassion from the nurses that she never forgot the experience.

She then signed up to volunteer at the  Singapore Healthcare Corps in April and underwent training before going to the frontlines in May.

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She said she was initially afraid of volunteering, but when she saw how stringent the procedures were, she felt safe doing her job.

What did people think before this?

According to the same report, people had speculated where Jade went after everyone’s gigs in the night life industry had dried up, and rumors spread that she was into prostitution.

Jade belied those claims, saying, “There was a sugar baby website using my photos, and some people were saying because I didn’t have a job any more, (because of the pandemic) I must have been selling my body to support myself,”

She said that she had first signed up to do logistics and data entry for the country’s fight against COVID-19, but since so many people were needed at the frontlines, especially in hospitals and dormitories, she stepped up.

She did not reveal where she worked, but said that she was going to pursue a nursing degree after the pandemic was over. Jade graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Psychology degree in 2018.

She also used her SkillsFuture credits to learn a three-week first aid course, which helped her address the problem with a patient who had a sudden nosebleed. She encouraged everyone else to upskill as well.

Who is DJ Jade Rasif?

Known for her strong opinions and being one of the most popular and highly-paid DJs in Singapore when the night life scene was still alive and well, Jade also had many sponsorships and was an influencer in her own right.

The mother-of-one that has been known for giving candid interviews and even her actual breastmilk to her coworkers. She also said, in the interview with The New Paper, however, that she would not be returning to the night club scene.

She said that she loved her new job, and that she felt so much respect from her coworkers and couldn’t go back to the night life anymore. She would also be declining sponsorships for the meantime, but would still be available to appear in videos and interviews.

Header image from Jade Rasif Instagram account

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