DJ Jade Rasif tells teenage boys to stop sending her nude photos, calls them 'disgusting' - Alvinology

DJ Jade Rasif tells teenage boys to stop sending her nude photos, calls them ‘disgusting’

Pretty girls online get horrid messages from strangers all the time–but because DJ Jade Rasif is one of the highest-paid model-DJs in Singapore, she gets an ungodly amount of them. She usually doesn’t mind and is very playful and open with her fans–but she draws the line at adolescents.

According to reports, adolescent boys who may have admitted to being as young as twelve years old have been sending her messages that are not only unsolicited but also also contain nude photos!

What did these boys send to DJ Jade Rasif?

According to a series of Instagram stories posted on her other account @simp_4_me, she said that some boys have been sending her photos of their private parts.

DJ Jade Rasif tells teenage boys to stop sending her nude photos, calls them 'disgusting' - Alvinology

The image above shows that Jade had told off an Instagram user for something that he had sent her, asking if the person was an adolescent.

When the adolsecent said that he was only 12 years old, he laughed at her and said that this was common with the user’s friends.

Illegal to send nudes in Singapore

According to several laws, sending and promoting nude photos and videos is punishable by jail time and a fine in Singapore. After the spate of “leaked” videos and photos of Singaporean influencers (some of which can still be found all over the internet), Parliament passed a law that makes sending nude photos and videos online a crime.

Worse sanctions await people who send such content to adolescents, and who do it in the interest of asking for sexual relations.

DJ Jade Rasif calls out kids who send her nudes

In her Instagram stories, she was rightly concerned over adolescent boys sending her photos of their genitals. She said that she does not care about adults sending her such photos, but if the sender is under eighteen, then she takes offense.

She said that majority of her followers on social media are from Singapore, with some from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Mexico. The underage nude photos, though, allegedly came from Jade’s Singaporean followers.

Who is DJ Jade Rasif? Read about her here.

She expressed worry over the activities of these underage kids who are unaware of how to conduct themselves on the internet. She also allegedly has a list of their Instagram accounts, but did not mention what she would do with the list.

She ended her story with saying that she did not want to receive any unsolicited photos in her DMs.

Scared she could be set up

Jade’s fear that the law may misconstrue her as a criminal because she posseses intimate photos of adolescents is real, but the law is unclear on what the rules are.

Still, anyone who “in public or private procures or attempts to procure the commission of any obscene or indecent act by any child or young person,” as stated in the Children and Young Persons Act, can be fined up to $10,000 and jailed for five years.

DJ Jade Rasif’s birth father is actually one of Singapore’s most wanted.

While Jade made it clear that she did not solicit the photos, the response on her messages shows that some kids out there do not know how to act appropriately online and could get themselves in trouble this early in life.

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