Previously, Alvinology reported on Singaporean model-DJ Jade Rasif and how she was the recipient of alleged nude photos from adolescent Singaporean boys. Citing the law and the disturbingly sexual nature of the activity that these young boys are involved in, she insisted that they stop sending her photos of their private parts.

While she rightly expressed serious concern over the activity of these boys, website Goodyfeed published an article that made Jade call the author of the article and the editorial team ‘sexist’.

What did Goody Feed say about DJ Jade Rasif?

According to Jade’s Instagram stories, Goody Feed’s article mentioned the photos that Jade received, and speculated on the reason why these kids would think of sending such content to her.

The article (that has since been taken down) said that “Where did the kids [who allegedly sent her explicit pictures] learn such behaviour? I don’t know about you guys but I have a very good feeling I know where.”

The article also brought up the nature of Jade’s Instagram photos, that the author said was considered “thirst trapping.” Thirst trapping is considered the act of posting a photo on social media to gain attention for your physical appearance.

DJ Jade Rasif calls Goody Feed sexist

When Jade read the article, she was quick to post about it on her Instagram stories, and slapped the online publication with a scathing accusation of sexism. She cited that her content and her photos are in no way encouraging young boys to produce pornography, and that blaming her for their actions is outright sexism.

Take a look at her posts on her Instagram stories:

She admitted to receiving similar messages from adults.

Then she called out the insinuation that she was encouraging the production of such content. She rightly labeled it a crime and expressed her anger at the suggestion.

She asked Goody Feed how they could even begin to cast any responsibility on her for the actions of young boys. How could her content teach young boys how to create porn?

Jade also went further to explain why she called out the boys in her messages, and mentioned that she was specific in highlighting the fact that only Singaporean men would send her photos of their genitals.

If Goody Feed was so keen on finding blame for the boys’ behaviour, why didn’t they touch on how only Singaporean men sent Jade unsolicited male genitalia photos?

She also said that Goody Feed’s article only perpetuated the victim blaming women all over the world face, where they are asked to cover up their bodies and take blame for the sexual actions of men.

Jade pointed out the absurdity, sexism, and victim-blaming angle of the article, citing that free pornography sites are available all over the internet and are easily accessible–but that she is still to blame for the nude photos that arrive in her Instagram messages.

She continued to call the article out for so many blatant sexist insinuations and how it framed her as responsible for the nude photos that she received from the young boys.

Jade was also quick to point out how Goody Feed failed to see how vulnerable this made the kids who sent her those photos. Pointing fingers at women who are comfortable with their sexuality and absolving men who objectify women can only contribute to grooming, she continued.

Coming to the defense of women everywhere, Jade pointed out that women who post bikini pictures and pose sexily are not asking for any intimate photos from others. Using the kind of content she posts as permission and even solicitation for unsolicited male genital photos was called out as sexism.

Jade continued to express her views, and said that she would tackle the issue further on her Facebook account.

Goody Feed apologizes

Jade was very surprised when the website reached out to her through her private messages on Instagram to apologize on the matter. They have since taken down the article and all the links that would point to it.

She did not comment on the apology itself, and instead thanked her fans and supporters for amplifying her message and getting the matter more media attention.

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Was the apology enough?

While the apology that the website offered Jade was neither ours to accept or reject, the mention of “borderline on sexism” in reference to the article makes us think that Goody Feed only took notice because Jade and her fans spoke up–and not because there was any sort of editing going on with that piece.

No, it was not “boredline sexism,” it was outright misogyny directed at Jade. The article framed the crime involving children as a direct result of Jade’s content–which is her right to post as it is her body and her choice. What other people do as a result of her content are their own decisions.

If you think Jade’s sexiness is an invitation to commit a crime, then the problem is YOU. Sending nude photos to women without explicit permission is a crime in Singapore.

Parents of those boys who sent her photos should know what their children did so they can correct such bad behaviour that only leaves these kids vulnerable forever.