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Hyun Bin from ‘Crash Landing on You’ secretly donated 200 million won to COVID-19

As if we didn’t already love him enough in his role as Ri Jeong-hyuk in ‘Crash Landing on You’, actor Hyun Bin has reported to have made a donation of 200 million won (S$233,242) to fight against Covid-19.

He made the donation in February, but nobody knew about it because he made the donation in secret. In fact, he even asked the non-profit organisation Community Chest of Korea, whom he made the donation to, to keep it a secret. He didn’t even let his agency know about it.

In an Instagram post by Vast Entertainment, Hyun bin had previously released a statement, wishing those affected by COVID-19 the best. It is believed that he made the donation soon after that.

The statement reads: “You might be spending day after day anxious and worrying about the coronavirus disease 2019, which is happening all over the world and throughout Asia like China and Japan, as well as Korea.

“Just as we’ve always overcome difficulties by cheering each other on despite difficult times, I hope the coronavirus disease 2019 passes by as soon as possible.

“I also appreciate those working tirelessly day and night to eradicate the virus, and I will cheer them on until the end. Furthermore, I sincerely wish the quick recovery of those suffering from this infection.

“Again, I hope all of those reading this are able to maintain their safety and health from the virus and I will pray this incident safely passes by.”

We love how Hyun bin made such a generous contribution to help, though it isn’t really surprising seeing as he is known as a generous philanthropist, in general. Click here for a list of more celebrities who have contributed efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

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