In a previous report from Alvinology, a 22-year-old man who had been charged in multiple cases of insulting a woman’s modesty has not been permitted to travel to the United Kingdom. His identity, though, was sealed by a gag order in order to hide the identity of the victims, said Yahoo News UK.

The man wanted to go back to the United Kingdom to resume his studies.

Who is the 22-year-old unnamed voyeur?

According to our previous report, the man in question is an undergraduate student in a top British university, and had requested permission to travel to the UK but the motion was blocked on Thursday, January 16.

The prosecution submitted evidence such as text messages between the man and one of his victims, which mentioned that the former would not come back to Singapore if he would be allowed to leave.

The man was previously allowed to leave on January 10, and his identity placed under a gag order. Thanks to the evidence presented, thought, the District Judge Adam Nakhoda deemed the accused a flight risk.

What did the undergrad pervert do to his twelve victims?

In two separate trials, the man was accused of filming various women in his condominium and at Orchard Hotel. He was also accused of taking upskirt photos and videos, as well as using his phone to film women in the rest room.

Ten of the twelve victims have asked the judge to lift the gag order, but the the motion was denied since two victims have yet to give consent.

One remaining victim who had not given consent was still unsure of whether they wanted to reveal the man’s name, while the other victim was not consulted upon the request of the family.

Metaphorical death

The defense lawyers contested the evidence that the prosecution presented, where the man said in a text message that he would not come back. The man also mentioned that staying in Singapore would mean a “metaphorical death.”

The defense cited that the man meant he was beginning to have suicidal tendencies, and not that he would like to leave everything behind.

Defense lawyers argued that the gag order should stay in place and that the ten victims who were asking it to be lifted did not understand what they were asking for and were unaware of the consequences.

Netizens rage

Predictably, netizens call for the man’s identity for various reasons. Here are some of their comments online.

One commenter said that the prosecution should be commended for being very attentive and pushing for all the right motions in the case. The prosecution’s actions imply that no one is above the law.

Another commenter wondered why there is a gag order, when a separate case that allegedly involved two teenagers exposed the identity of their rapist.

Others speculated on the man’s social status.

This commenter made a conclusion based on the news articles circulating online.

This commenter was trying to figure out why this case still had a gag order in place when other perverts like Nicholas Lim from National University of Singapore were identified completely.