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10 victims of undergrad peeping tom want him exposed, barred from travel

In several new cases of insulting a woman’s modestly, a 22-year-old undergraduate’s lawyers are trying to keep a gag order in place and allowing him to travel as 10 out of his 12 victims push to have these provisions revoked.

What school is the new peeping tom?

While a previous report on Alvinology mentions that a man from Yale-NUS was charged in October 2019 and January 2020 over taking photos and videos of his flatmates in the shower, this new pervert was victimizing women in his condominium and on Orchard Road, according to Yahoo Singapore.

The university where the peeping tom studied at was not mentioned, as the gag order is still in place.

Majority of his victims want the gag order lifted despite the detriment to themselves

Ten of the man’s twelve victims have requested the judge in the case to life the gag order that they say is protecting him, and to bar his request to travel to the UK in light of the crimes he committed.

The prosecution of the case has mentioned that the victims feel the man should not be able to hide behind the gag order, and that he should not be allowed to leave Singapore. This is the second time they’ve had to ask the judge to bar travel.

Voyeur tried to leave before

The prosecution tried to block the pervert from leaving, citing that he was a flight risk. He tried to request for travel on January 10, which prompted prosecutors to request the judge to deny.

While ten victims have expressed their desire for the gag order to be lifted, two other victims have not supported this motion. One of them said this was because they had reservations about the accused, while the other said that they only knew him through an acquaintance.

Defense lawyers try to keep the gag order in place

The man’s lawyer Kalidass Murugaiyan said that the victims do not fully understand the implications of having the gag order rescinded. He also said that the victims had no right in deciding whether the gag order was beneficial or not.

Accused says that he might not come back

In a series of messages and emails that the prosecution presented in court, the prosecution showed that the accused was in contact with one of the victims in October 2019.

“I trust you enough to tell you this, I honestly might not come back,

“I could stay here but that would be certain at least metaphorical death,” and “Once asylum is held it is pretty okay.”

“Honestly, after the first mistake, there is little incentive in this world not to continue to try to lie or run,” he continues.

Prosecution took the messages as the man saying he did not want to face justice, and that he wanted to be granted asylum. The defense, on the other hand, said that he did not mean to leave the country, but was alluding to suicide.

The defense then trotted out their own evidence, where it showed the accused expressed “I need to die.”

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