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Easy and Elegant Ways to Spruce up Your Home for Chinese New Years

New Years is around the corner, and we all know that means that Chinese New Year will follow shortly after. Impressing friends and family is one of the few reasons why you should know how to clean up your home and make it ready for CNY. However, the primary purpose is to enhance the flow of positive energy in the environment around you.

What are the most natural ways to spruce up your home?

Get rid of litter

Tidying up is an easy hack to avoid a pile of mess before the holiday season. Frequently cleaning any messes reduces the work before CNY. Postponing this process will make you a hoarder, and you will be terrified of the season.

An easy tip is to get rid of anything that is expired or spoilt. From your kitchen, medicine cabinet, bathroom, and bedroom get any stale item and throw it away. This step makes way for thorough cleaning.

Pick the right day to clean windows

According to Chinese beliefs, there are favorable dates set aside for spring-cleaning, to ensure the procedure takes place without interruptions. Following the ethos of this culture, select a cloudy day among these to clean out windows.

The thought behind this that the heat from the sun causes smudges on the windows. To prevent water drying too fast and leaving streaks, settle on these promising dates.

Wash down your kitchen, especially fridge

We are what we eat! The whole point of the sprucing point is to brighten your mood and bring positive vibes. Start with your fridge and double-check any groceries. At this stage, remember to organize storage space for components, decorations, and ingredients you will need.

If you have no more space left, plan to visit a store or order an additional storage shelf or organizing box.

Tidy up your bedroom and under the bed

Where you sleep should be well sanitized and comfortable for a good night’s sleep. If you have a lot of unorganized things, place then in boxes and put them under your bed. Before this, though, make sure the area under your mattress is sparkling and any home furniture.

Use appropriate decorations

Fortunes cats are prevalent and well-thought in Chinese culture. The Maneki-Neko is a must-have item. The said cat is a symbol of good fortune and has a substantial holding as a patron saint. Having this perfect piece will fill you with a lot of joy and relaxation.

For your living space, consider cushion covers, mostly red and gold décor. This will match the Lunar New Year mood. It is also essential to use colors that please your spirit and elevate your mood- do this with a simple paint job.

Another fantastic way to brighten up your dwelling place is cleaning all corners. Dark energy and spirits lurk in dark shadows. You could decorate with plants, as they are a sign of life and strength. Lively lights are also a hack when it comes to lighting up a damp down room.

Use these easy tips to be a step ahead this CNY. Revive the appearance of your home and notice how your mood and energy levels are transformed.

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