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Someone evil pranked Kurt Tay into a fake Mediacorp interview for fun, tried to involve his wife and parents

Kurt Tay is just one of those people in Singapore that everyone knows about due to extraordinary choices and circumstances–chiefly for the time he fearlessly lived with breast implants after saying he was envious of women who were showing off their cleavage.

Read about what Kurt Tay has been famous for here.

Recently, Kurt had posted about a series of WhatsApp conversations with an alleged producer for Mediacorp who wanted to interview him on things only he knew or experienced.

Kurt and the person, whose name was allegedly Catherine Robert from Channel 5, had agreed to meet for an interview at one of the studios at the Mediacorp offices. While Catherine Roberts indeed exists, she is a Radio DJ for Gold 905. She categorically denied ever having a conversation with Kurt.

She also said that the number used for the WhatsAp conversations was different from her actual number.

What did Kurt and the prankster talk about on WhatsApp?

According to the series of screenshots that Kurt posted, the prankster contacted him about being part of one episode in a comedy show slated to be aired in 2020.

He was promised $1,100 to appear in the episode and that filming would start on the first week of December. He agreed to the plan and the fee, and even cleared out his schedule for the day with an annual leave from work.

According to a July 2018 post, Kurt worked for a security firm as a supervisor, earning $3000 every month.

The prankster also asked him if his parents and wife would like to be interviewed, but he declined for them.

The person he was talking to on WhatsApp said that they would be talking to him about his breast implants, the police reports he lodged against the people who put up flyers that embarrassed him, his scheme to win the Subaru Car Challenge, and his obsession with collecting wrestling paraphernalia and wearing them in public.

The messages also showed that Kurt was guided to find a man named Ian Seymour (who is also an actual Mediacorp employee) at Studio 6 on December 4 for his interview taping.

What happened to Kurt Tay on December 4 at Mediacorp?

Kurt was denied entry to Mediacorp, since he was not included in the list of visitors and expected people. When he contacted the Catherine imposter, the latter said that there was a mix-up and would be sending someone to fix the problem.

Kurt was also given the number of a woman named Michelle who was an alleged colleague of the imposter, but he was not able to contact anyone.

In the end, the horrid person Kurt was talking to had said that they were mistaken in speaking to him, and that a man named “Kurt Tan” was already inside the building to do the interview.

While the person Kurt was talking to apologized, further evidence showed that he was indeed being fooled. The real Catherine Robert did not speak to him, and the number given to him to call for Michelle was allegedly the number of Steven Lim.

Kurt became furious, and filmed himself in an expletive-laden rant, which included the police report that he filed on the incident.

What did Mediacorp say about the matter?

According to a report by Asia One, Mediacorp considers the incident an impersonation of their staff, and that they have filed a police report on the matter.

Who could have done this to Kurt?

While his videos are unorthodox, and he’s found himself in a lot of situations that cause embarrassment, the trouble and hurt the prank did to Kurt is unconscionable.

What was scary about Kurt’s ordeal was that the imposter also planned to get his wife and parents as victims–if he allowed them to be interviewed for the “comedy show” then four people would have been standing outside of Mediacorp looking like fools, unable to enter the building.

What do you think of the imposter who went through all that trouble just to make a normal Singaporean like Kurt Tay waste a day for a fake interview?

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