We have all been there – you get invited to a social by a friend or a colleague only to be underwhelmed by an uninspired, poorly planned event. The evening is lifeless and stiff. The conversation is dry. The food is nothing special, and the same few songs seem to be stuck on repeat. Instead of enjoying the exciting social you’d expected, you find yourself desperately counting down the minutes until you can leave. Its the sort of forgettable event that leaves us all uncomfortable and bored.

Now its your turn to host and you are hopeful that you can avoid the same unfortunate result. So how do you create an event that guests will fondly recall for years to come?


Good food makes for a good party. When allocating your budget, catering is not the area to cut corners. Your menu needs to offer variety of dining options, accommodate all of your guests and should fit with the tone of the event. The key is to ensure that your food makes sense – if seating is limited, do not serve meals that are difficult to eat; if your event has a theme, create a menu that reflects it; if you are hosting a work function, refrain from amenities such as an open bar. And of course, ensure that all of your dishes are delicious!


As with food, your music selection needs to reflect the tone of your event. To this end, live musicians can be the key to taking your event to the next level. A band is able to interpret the mood of the event and your guests to a degree that digital music cannot compete. They are able to adjust their playlist throughout the night to play the right piece at the perfect moment. And the energy of a live musician can energize your guests. Get the party started with the thrill of a live musician.  Getting a specific group of musicians that work well together is extremely important, as an example when looking for a wedding live band you must get a group who have worked together in the past to ensure a good & smooth performance.


Document the event for your guests and for yourself. We want to remember the exciting moments of our lives. Consequently, a person can spend as much time photographing an event as they do experiencing it. Hiring a photographer or videographer will mitigate this issue, allowing your guests to focus less on taking pictures and more on the event you’ve put together. Let your attendees fully enjoy the tasty food and the beautiful music. Afterwards, you can create a digital scrapbook of the event and provide it to your attendees as a small “thank you” gift. It may just be a small touch, but it will remind attendees of the fun they had and make your event truly memorable.

Ultimately, your event will reflect the effort you put into planning. If you have taken the time to design a cohesive event that considers both function and audience, your event is sure to satisfy you guests. Likewise, thoughtless, random decisions on menu or on music are unlikely to impress. So give your event the attention it deserves – your guests will thank you for it.