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Understand Different Types of Essays


For your academic success, you have to write different essays effectively. Essay writing assignments are common in school for various purposes, such as for admission or standardized tests. Once you get a question, you are liable to evaluate it to take the right decision. Your confusion in these essays can be harmful to you.

Choosing one type among different types of essays can be confusing. If you want to buy a thesis, you have to be clear about its nature. You must not pay for an essay without complete satisfaction. Here are four main kinds of essays with some variations:

Major Types

Differentiating between kinds of essays is an essential task for a writer. Do you want to write something personal, want to explain particular issues, describe something or persuade readers to accept a specific viewpoint?

Narrative Essays (Share a Story)

A narrative (storytelling) essay is about the real-life experiences of a writer. It sounds easy to share a story, but students find it complicated to write about them.

While writing these essays, the writers must involve readers by making a vivid story. You have to write these essays in the first person to engage readers. Start your sentences with “I” to make your readers an essential part of your story. An excellent narrative story will end with a conclusion or a personal statement. If you have something interesting to share about you, it can be an excellent choice.

Descriptive Essays (Paint a Picture)

It is similar to narrative essays. In this type, you have to paint a great picture with your words. A writer can describe a memory, object, person or place. The essays are not about a traditional description. These essays stress to communicate deep meanings through a story.

In this essay, the writer must show, instead of telling, through his/her colorful words and sensual details. The best composition will appeal to the emotions of a reader. The result can be highly suggestive.

Expository Essays (Contain Facts)

These informative pieces present a unique blend of analysis for one topic. In these essays, writers have to define or explain an issue with the help of statistics, examples, and facts. This type of writing incorporates some variations in an essay, such as contrast and comparison essay.

How to, process essay and cause & effect essays are a few examples of expository essays. These essays need facts instead of revealing your emotions. There is no need to use the first person to write these essays.

Convince Me (Influential Essays)

An expository piece of writing requires facts in its presentation, but the goal of persuasive essays is different. The readers of these essays must accept the recommendation or idea of the writer. Your case should use logic and facts, such as sound reasoning and expert opinion.

The writer must present arguments of all sides. You should learn the way to communicate clearly and without prevarication. The essay should explain that why a particular position is accurate.


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