This new Mopping Robot can clean 3 basketball courts in an hour using 80 times less water, and it’s available for rent

LionsBot International (LionsBot) launches LeoMop at the opening ceremony of the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific 2019.

Event attendees tried their hand at operating the LeoMop which uses very little water, leaves floors dry after mopping and possess a self-cleaning system. They also interacted with the robots by getting them to sing, rap and speak in different languages.

The uniqueness of the LeoMop lies in its ability to mop surfaces with 80 times less water than conventional floor scrubbers. Its microflow water-saving technology enables LeoMop to use only 0.6 litres of water per hour, compared to floor scrubbers which use 48 litres of water per hour on average.

LeoMop is able to remove dry stains through agitation which is the constant motion of its micro-fibre roller pads. It is also fitted with micro-fibre pads which absorb water streaks, leaving behind completely dry floors. LeoMop can clean approximately three basketball courts in an hour.

LeoMop Features and Specifications

Water usage. LeoMop utilises 0.6 litres of water per hour, compared to floor scrubbers which utilise 48 litres of water per hour.

Speed. It leaves floors completely dry in less than a minute.

Sound. LeoMop cleans at 50 decibels, compared to conventional floor scrubbers which clean at approximately 70 decibels.

Battery Life. A two-hour charge of the LeoMop enables it to run for four days, with an average of five cleaning hours per day.

Refilling water tank. LeoMop’s water tank only needs to be refilled once every 6 days, with an average of five cleaning hours per day. The water tank has a capacity of 21 litres.

Autonomous fleet. Multiple cleaning robots are able to coordinate and clean a given area simultaneously, without the need for human programming. For example, if multiple LeoMops are deployed, they are able to take turns cleaning a space without the need for a human cleaner to push buttons to activate them.

Active artificial intelligence enables a fleet of LeoMops to communicate with each other in real-time to avoid obstacles or focus on cleaning specific problem areas.

Self-cleaning system. The LeoMop’s self-cleaning system ensures that its micro-fibre pads are constantly cleaned so that dirty watermarks are not left behind. This system scrapes away dust particles and drains away unclean water regularly. It uses fresh cleaning water with every mop.

LionsBot Deployment

LionsBot offers commercial cleaning robots on a rental model. Earlier this year, they committed to developing and deploying 300 robots in Singapore and beyond by March 2020.

LionsBot currently deploys its cleaning robots to locations such as Esplanade, Jewel Changi and National Gallery Singapore. The company is in the midst of securing partnership deals to deploy its robots internationally.

Cleaning companies and building owners can rent any of LionsBot cleaning robots at monthly fees ranging from $1,350. Companies interested in LionsBot robots can reach the company at [email protected] to schedule a consultation.

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