It’s been more than a month since the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival – the largest-ever carnival in Singapore – has ended… but that doesn’t mean that all the fun’s gone!

Come on down to Cartoon Network Animate Your Life in order to experience the latest sensation in town! For all Cartoon Network fans out there, this is your chance to get involved with your favourite cartoons: The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Ben 10.

The Powerpuff Girls

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a PPG? What it’s like to save someone or fight criminals? What it’s like to fly?

Trampoline ride in the PPG zone to simulate flight. Kitties will be thrown into the trampoline and your job is to save them

Well, you’d finally get to find out if you come to the PPG zone! Hop onto the giant trampoline ride to simulate the flight experience, and join Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup in fighting crime! But that’s not all: as you soar, expect little kitties to be thrown in your direction. It’s your duty to catch and save them!

But if saving the town isn’t really your cup of tea, that’s alright too, because you can still leave your mark in Townsville on the live PPG installation by the local artist group, Band of Doodlers. This artwork will only be shown after 4pm on 27 May Sunday, and it’s a tribute to PPG’s 20th anniversary.


Ben 10

If you think being a hero is over when you leave the PPG zone, you can’t be any more wrong! Next up is the Ben 10 zone – expect a series of obstacle courses, disguised as an Omnitrix. Conquer it all and maybe you’ll re-enter the human world transformed. Who knows? You may turn into Diamondhead, you may grow two more arms, you may…

Ben 10 boot camp-style obstacle course

Anyway, if the maze doesn’t transform you, you can always turn to the trick mirrors. Brace yourself, stand in front of the mirror, and take in the monstrous figure staring back at you. Yup, that would be how you’d look like – if you were one of Ben Tennyson’s aliens. Cool, right?

Trick mirrors that enable you to become one of Ben 10’s Omnitrix aliens


We Bare Bears

Now that you’re done being a hero, you can finally take a break. Settle down in the WBB zone and snap a photo in the life-size inflatable cave that’s home to Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear. If that’s not good enough, there’re many more movable, inflatable bears scattered around the grass patch in front of the cave, which you can take pictures with. Alternatively, you could move them into the cave and take a picture with them – whatever floats your boat.

This is the life-size inflatable cave which the bears call their home

For the more active ones, there’s a “log-ride” (a slide) in this zone. It’s based on one of the WBB episodes, whereby the three bears get on a log-ride over and over again just so they can get a decent picture of themselves on camera… except that Cartoon Network Animate Your Life‘s version of the log-ride is much more fun, thrilling and experiential. The inflatable slide leads you straight into a colourful ball-pit; and the best part is, the slide is really quite slippery.

We Bare Bears inflatable slide


Adventure Time

After saving the world, becoming a hero and surviving adrenaline rushes, do you know what it’s time for?

Adventure Time!

Entrance to Adventure Time maze

Here, you can walk right into Jake’s mouth and take a trip into the Land of Ooo. Get lost in the vibrant rainbow maze, and don’t be afraid to take risks! Take all turns and crawl through all the holes you see – what you discover on the other side may just surprise you! It’s Adventure Time after all, isn’t it?

In addition to these 4 zones, there are many more exciting carnival games in this fun festival, such as the Animate Yourself booth. This is where you can animate yourself into a cartoon character – you can Ben 10 yourself, PPG yourself, for example – and even print the design onto a shirt.

There will also be set-ups from Cha-Ching City, as well as workshops conducted every weekend at 4.30pm, 5.30pm and 6.30pm, teaching you animation skills ranging from drawing to voice-over to stop-animating. You’ll also be given a chance to learn more about Cartoon Network Wave, a cruise liner that will offer the first-ever toon vacation at sea.

Cha-Ching City

Seeing that the festival coincides with the school holidays, there’s no excuse for you not to bring your kids down to Cartoon Network Animate Your Life. Remember, this is Cartoon Network’s largest festival in Asia, so don’t miss out!

Date: 26 May – 10 June

Venue: Bayfront Plaza @ Gardens by the Bay

Time: Mon – Thurs, 3pm – 9pm; Fri – Sun, 3pm – 11pm

Price: S$12.50 – S$50, depending on age. Family & friend packages available.

Tickets can be purchased either at the entrance or pre-ordered online HERE.