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Ramesh Erramalli apologizes to condo security guard Steven Heng Hoo Wee for verbal abuse over parking in Whampoa condo

Just before Halloween, JP Morgan banker and Eight Riversuites condo owner Ramesh Erramalli apologized to Senior Security Officer Steven Heng Hoo Wee over a verbal altercation last weekend involving the parking slots at the condo.

A viral video was uploaded showing Ramesh verbally berating and demeaning Steven, who was working as the security guard on duty during that weekend. A visibly-angry Ramesh was pointing and saying things in a loud voice, one of which was that he paid $1.5 million for the condominium.

According to an earlier report, Steven was allegedly asking Ramesh’s guests what time they were going to leave, as the condominium enforced a rule that required a $10 fee for guests who stay beyond 11:00 in the evening.

This caused Ramesh to complain and exhibit the problematic behaviour on video.

Since then, a police report has been filed on the part of Steven, and another report was filed by Ramesh, pertaining to the same incident.

Ramesh Erramalli apologizes to security guard

But after days of the Singaporean internet community discussing the incident, along with several people on forums publishing Ramesh’s information and even going so far as to message the man’s employer, JP Morgan, to investigate the incident, the Association of Certified Security Agencies issued a statement that showed Ramesh’s remorse of the incident.

Here is the statement they published as a Facebook post:

Here is the full text of the post:

Earlier This Evening, Myself, and President SAS Mr Raj Joshua Thomas met Mr Ramesh Erramalli together with Senior Security Supervisor Steven Heng Woo Wee.

Mr Ramesh was very remorseful and he apologised to SSS Steven many times during the hour-long meeting. Mr Ramesh addressed SSS Steven as Uncle Steven and said he has known Uncle Steven quite well as he has had conversations with SSS Steven before when he was patrolling the estate. Mr Ramesh also once had an issue with the water tap at his home and contacted the Security Post.

SSS Steven went to his home to help with the issue. Mr Ramesh Acknowledged SSS Steven was a very humble and good Security Supervisor and he did not mean to Hurt Or harm him in any way. He was worked up over the MCST Rule of collecting $10 parking fees for the overnight parking. SSS Steven also said he has met Mr Ramesh when he patrolled around The estate and would stop by to have a friendly chat with him.

SSS Steven also acknowledged that Mr Ramesh was a friendly and approachable resident and always addressed him as uncle Steven. He had forgiven Mr Ramesh wholeheartedly and thanked him for coming personally to apologise to him. SSS Steven also urges everyone to forgive Mr Ramesh and forget this unfortunate incident. I also wish everyone will forgive Mr Ramesh and forget this incident.

Let’s all play a part to respect all the Security Personnel working round the clock to keep our estates, neighbourhood,offices, Hospitals, schools and Singapore to be a safe and Secure place for all of us.

We also hope MCSTs and Managing Agents will do more to create awareness of the Estate rules and by-laws of the estate so that frontline security personnel are not put in a difficult position of enforcing the rules that residents might not be aware of Thus creating such unfortunate situations.

Let’s appreciate and respect the security personnel whom are working very hard to keep Singapore Safe and Secure.

Thank you very much.

Gary Haris
Honorary Secretary
Association Of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA)

According to the post above, Ramesh and Steven had a good relationship before the incident, with cordial greetings and occasional chats occuring between them.

The statement also said that Steven considered Ramesh as a cheerful and friendly resident of the condominium, despite what happened. The former even said that he was regularly addressed as “Uncle Steven” by Ramesh.

Steven urged everyone to forgive Ramesh for the incident.

The statement, which was from the secretary of ACSA, asked other condominium and estate managers to notify residents of rules regarding their condominiums, so that situations as what happened could be avoided.

Who is Ramesh Erramalli?

Ramesh was named in a police report for harassment, and the Ministry of Home Affairs said in its statement that Ramesh is “married to a local-born Singapore Citizen”. “He obtained his Singapore Citizenship on the sponsorship of his wife, under the Family Ties scheme,” the ministry added.

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