[GIVEAWAY] This pair of 18k Gold-Plated cufflinks hold a little surprise - Alvinology

[GIVEAWAY] This pair of 18k Gold-Plated cufflinks hold a little surprise


If you are someone who prides yourself on your cufflink choices, here is a nifty pair which you should add to your collection – VOUTE, from CUFFLINKS Singapore:


Retailing at S$175 a pair, VOUTE is a pair of 18k Gold-Plated cufflinks that doubles up as a 8GB mini thumbdrive. Handsome, yet functional:


Father’s Day is just round the corner and the folks at CUFFLINKS Singapore is running some special promotions and discounts. Do check out their official website for details.

They offer a wide range of cufflinks, neatly grouped into 6 different categories and with a price slider for you to search and filter cufflinks based on your budget.


In a special collaboration with Alvinology, CUFFLINKS Singapore will be giving away a pair of VOUTE cufflinks, a pair of MECANIQUE and a $15 voucher for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively.

Here’s how you can win them:

Winners will not be chosen at random, but based on the quality of the post and the level of engagement. Contest ends 15 June, 2359hrs, just in time for Father’s Day.

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