PSA: This site shows you 'real' hourly PSI! - Alvinology

PSA: This site shows you ‘real’ hourly PSI!

Singapore’s NEA is one of the best source for information on air quality.

However, a sore spot with Singaporeans is that NEA only publishes PSI readings on a 24-hour average basis.

In other words, NEA’s PSI readings is an average of PSI readings over the last 24 hours.

Despite the scientific merits of knowing our pollutant exposure over the last 24 hours, most Singaporeans are not scientists. We are not that interested in the last 24 hours.

We want to what’s the reading now, at this very moment, so that we can better plan our activities, whether we should bring our children to the playground or stay at home and Netflix.

Luckily, a Singapore mobile app company, Originally US, has created a simple website that provides hourly PSI readings!

PSA: This site shows you 'real' hourly PSI! - Alvinology

The site also goes on to breakdown the real hourly PSI across different areas in Singapore, like so.

And finally, there’s a comparison chart between their hourly PSI vs 24-hour PSI published by NEA over the last 7 days.

As we can see, NEA’s 24-hour PSI moves really slowly and may not be a useful indication of the haze condition at a moment.


Word of caution though, the site makes no claim on how accurate their PSI readings are. According to the creators, “We have created what we think is a right implementation of NEA’s official PSI formula on to deduce the actual, hourly PSI measurements from hourly PM2.5 readings.”

But in our experience, the readings on the site seems to be rather consistent with what we see out of our windows.

What do you think?

Visit ‘Realistic’ Hourly PSI site

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