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Woman who drove against traffic in Chinatown and cussed at witnesses is articulate, cold, and aloof, says neighbors

When the story of a woman driving on the wrong lane in Chinatown broke, Singaporeans were quick to find out everything about her, from her name, her job, where she lived, as well as what dress she was wearing and how much it cost.

She drove against traffic along Upper Cross Street on Friday, September 6, during rush hour. Several witnesses had posted video evidence of the incident, and the police were notified of the incident on the same night.

She was arrested after it was reported that she was cooperating with authorities in the investigation. She has had her driving license also suspended.

What captured the interest of the Singaporean public was how someone who clearly had wealth and could afford a Mercedes Benz could violate a law so simple and obvious as not to drive against traffic. What’s more, the video of the incident showed that the 32-year-old woman was hurling curses and profanity at the witnesses to her dangerous driving, all in Hokkien. The bizarre video has gone viral, and netizens have done what they do best–talk about it to death.

But who is the woman who was arrested for dangerous driving?

According to a report on Asia One, netizens alleged that she has appeared in a Facebook video showing how knowledgeable and articulate she is in her chosen field. She can speak in English very well and has been interviewed by the media in relation to the international company that she works for.

Further information unearthed by netizens and reporters from Chinese newspaper Liane Zaobao also show that she may have bought the car she was using at the time of the crime, a Mercedes Benz, in 2016 as a gift for herself.

Neighbors describe the woman who drove against traffic in Chinatown

While various media outlets have tried to contact the woman to ask for her side of the story and learn more about her, some reporters from Liane Zaobao have also visited her home to ask for a comment, only to find her out of the house.

A report from Liane Zaobao said that neighbors describe her as cold and aloof, and that the Mercedes Benz that figured in the crime she committed has been towed by the police. Neighbors also said that she was not wont to greet them when they would see each other.

High-profile executive in a global company

An Asia One report said that netizens were also allegedly able to find evidence that she is an executive in a global headhunting company. The report from Asia One also said that she got promoted in her chosen company, which she started working for in 2011 just after she graduated. In just six years, she has become the most senior officer in the company’s Singapore office.

More video of the incident

Aside from the viral video of the woman getting out of her car and cussing at the witnesses, other videos have surfaced, showing that people tried to get her to stop her reckless driving, sometimes even knocking on the door of her car to catch her attention. Take a look at a new video here.


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