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What is a karambit knife and why is it dangerous? Did Natalie Siow Yu Zhen and co-accused have a connection with the knife?

Further details on the Natalie Siow Yu Zhen case have emerged, and a kerambit or karambit knife has been mentioned in a report from Channel News Asia. According to the report, one of the accused, 27-year-old Tan Yen Sang was in possession of a karambit knife earlier that morning in The Naughty Girl Club.

Natalie Siow Yu Zhen’s charges were confirmed to be murder with common intention, and her lawyers are Cheryl Ng from Intelleigen Legal and Amarick Gill from Amarick Gill LLC.

See photos of Natalie Siow Yu Zhen visiting the scene of the crime.

What is a karambit knife?

A karambit knife can sometimes be called a kerambit or even a korambit knife, according to various sources, and is a knife common to the South East Asian region especially Malaysia and the Philippines.

Karambit.com says, “The karambit is a rather remarkable multi-use knife designed for user safety, precision and efficiency. It has a curved or hooked blade, an ergonomic handle and usually includes at least one safety ring.” There are lots of different designs for this knife, but as long as it is small enough for the hand, is curved and has a safety ring, then you’re looking at a karambit or kerambit knife.

This knife first appeared in history in Indonesia, and it has since been seen all over South East Asia. It figures in a lot of martial arts in the region, and experts who wield the knife combined with deadly martial arts are sure to be a spectacle during exhibitions and competition.

Several martial arts that use this sort of knife include Indonesian Pencak Silat, Filipino Kali, Arnis, Eskrima, Malaysian Bersilat, Bruneian arts and Kuntao.

What was the alleged pointed object in the supposed Orchard Towers murder video?

Why is this sort of knife favored?

Online sources show that this type of knife is favored by users who want to deliver precise strikes. It’s a knife that has great retention and is suitable for a wide variety of uses. The size and shape of the knife allows the user to deliver attacks and counter quite easily (but only in close combat). The user can attack and counter in a single motion, changing the direction quickly unlike with other heavier knives.

If an expert uses the karambit knife, they could definitely grievously injure their opponent, thanks to how the curved shape can reach places normally-straight knives couldn’t. They could also control the person’s limbs, and do so without any stress on the wrist, as a properly-angled knife of this sort can do a lot of damage.

Who is Natalie Siow Yu Zhen? Does she allegedly keep company with knife-wielders?

Orchard Towers murder and the karambit knife?

According to a report by Channel News Asia, one of the accused had a karambit knife with him earlier that morning in a different location. Several videos of the crime that have leaked online allegedly show that a knife was used in the crime.

A weapon may allegedly figure in the case, especially since some of the accused in the case had gotten reduced charges in relation to being around a person possessing a weapon. Three of the accused were charged with consorting with Tan Yen Sang, who possessed a deadly weapon.

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  1. If you know nothing about knives in Singapore, don’t try to sound like you do. What you are doing here is spreading fear, non knife people are going freak the fuck out after reading what you’ve posted. Knives ARE tools, they are art pieces, to us, the regular collectors. They are most definitely NOT weapons. Karambits can be used as tools too, if one has the intent to harm another person, even a chair could be used as a weapon to inflict serious injuries.

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