Circulating on forums today, is a video of someone landing a drone on an MRT tracking, having a train crash into it, and still brags about it online.

Although the track landing was an accident due to the drone running out of battery, care should be taken by the drone user not to fly his drones near sensitive areas such as near MRT stations and tracks in the first place.

The most atrocious bit of this video is the youtuber’s attitude after the accident has occurred. He has shown close to zero remorse and even captioned to call for “Thumbs up for my extreme in-shock voice”.

Drones make use of the same highly combustible lithium-based batteries that are infamous for causing Samsung Note 7 to catch fire. This youtuber could have cause major train disruptions in the event where his battery was ruptured and cause fire or damages on the train track.

It would seem that common sense is in short supply these days, where else the propensity to brag – even over wrong-doings, triumphs the day.