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Who is Jeffrey Ong Su Aun? Did he really take all those millions from Allied Technologies?

Attorney Jeffrey Ong Su Aun may presently sit on the board of several companies and has practiced law for years in several countries.

But as of May 23, he has gone missing, along with a large amount of money associated to one of his firms and cases. Did he take it? Is he going down the same route as DJ Jade Rasif’s father, David Rasif had gone?

Who is Jeffrey Ong Su Aun?

According to a report by TODAY, Jeffrey Ong Su Aun, 42 years old, is a senior lawyer from the JLC Advisors Law Firm, and as of publishing, he is considered missing.

He also goes by the name Wang Ci’ An, and he is the central figure in the investigation regarding a $33.2 million payment that has gone missing from the escrow account of Allied Technologies. The money had gone missing from the engineering company last Thursday, May 23.

JLC Advisors was allegedly contracted by Allied Technologies to handle the escrow account. An escrow account is used for large deals, where the money used for payment is put up “on hold” until the transactions goes through and the money is released to the seller.

A police report has been lodged, and there are speculations that Jeffrey had made an unauthorized release of the money in the account in the form of payment.

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What is Jeffrey Ong Su Aun’s career like so far?

Aside from this case, Jeffrey seems to be quite the legal superstar when it comes to large-sum cases involving mergers, property sales, and corporate law.

According to the same report, he graduated in 2002 from the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Law with a Bachelor of Laws. His postgraduate was in Practical Course Law, and he was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 2003. He was admitted as an advocate and a solicitor.

He was also admitted in 2006 as a solicitor of the Supreme Court, England and Wales.

The profile up on the company website says that his specialty is in commercial litigation and dispute resolution. He also went into contentious restructuring and corporate advisory work.

His previous firms include J Koh & Co and Allen & Gledhill, as well as DLA Piper Singapore. There he worked departments ranging from dispute resolution to restructuring.

How high-profile are the cases he’s handled?

One case that he’s handled was valued up to $140 million, with the claim involving misrepresentation and complex financial structured products. The case was a company against an international investment bank.

While it’s unclear when his exact date of joining JLC Advisors was, he was promoted to managing partner in August 2018.

He sat on the board of several companies. He was appointed as independent non-executive director of CW Group Holdings. He was also listed as independent director of:

  • Integra2000 (now known as Asiasons Capital)
  • SNF Corporation (now known as Adventus Holdings)
  • Enzer Corporation (now known as Vallianz Holdings)
  • China PowerPlus

Where could Jeffrey Ong Su Aun be now?

According to the same report, Jeffrey had allegedly resigned on May 20 from his position as independent direcotor and acting non-executive chariman of Annica Holdings for personal reasons.

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