If you like Danish design and coffee, Bodum is a tableware and kitchenware company that produces and sells many coffee related products.

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1944 by Peter Bodum. The company is now based in Switzerland and distribute their products internationally, including to Singapore. Among the products Bodum markets are their signature products like the French presses, vacuum coffee brewers and other coffee related products like bean grinders and double-walled glasses.

You don’t have to run to a cafe every time you crave for an artisanal cup of coffee – not when you invest in a set of Bodum products to brew, prepare and hold your coffee for your refined enjoyment.

Bodum ePEBO Electric Vacuum Siphon Coffee Maker

With the Bodum ePEBO coffee maker, you can brew yourself a nice cup of artisanal coffee in less than ten minutes. The ePEBO can make up to eight cups of coffee at a go and because it’s vacuum-brewed, your final cup of coffee doesn’t come with any excess ingredients that cause the blend to burn as oils are removed from the coffee blend.

It looks complicated when you unbox it as there are many components, but it is really not that hard after you assemble them together. In just four simple steps, you will be able to brew yourself a cup of slow-brewed coffee.

The ePEBO is made of two stable and secure glass bowls to trap fresh aroma within the coffee maker during the brewing process. The hourglass appearance makes it seems like you are performing a science experiment when you are brewing your coffee.

This is fun to use and operate in a home kitchen environment for those who are more particular your coffee.

Part of the fun is to watch your coffee brew in the transparent containers before you transfer them to a nice coffee cup to drink.

Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder

Before you slow brew your coffee, you may need to grind your coffee beans first. To do so, the compact and minimalist design Bodum Bistro electric grinder will do just the job.

The grinder takes whole coffee beans from coarse to fine quickly and efficiently with a strong, durable stainless steel cutting blade that spins at a precise RPM plus a powerful 150W motor.

It is easy-to-use with a push-button control that allows for pulse action or continuous grind. While grinding the beans, you can see through the transparent lid to check on the fineness grade for your liking.

This device pairs well with a coffee maker like the Bodum ePEBO and with these two devices in the kitchen, you will have a starter kit to DIY your own artisanal slow coffee at home from full beans to the finished cup of coffee.

Bodum products are available at leading departmental stores in Singapore and online via Robinsons and Lazada e-stores.


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