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DIVA’s How Do I Look? Asia Season 2 is back with Jeannie Mai

How Do I Look? Asia, DIVA’s signature original makeover series is back with a second season and guess who is its new host? It’s Jeannie Mai!


Jeannie who is also the executive producer for How Do I Look? Asia season 2 is best known for hosting 11 seasons of the highly popular U.S. version of How Do I Look? and appearing as a special guest in season one of How Do I Look? Asia in 2015.

Similar to the U.S. version, How Do I Look? Asia features women from all across Asia as they embark on a brave journey of ultimate transformation through glamorous makeovers.


The entire How Do I Look? Asia season 2 was filmed right here in Singapore with a tight schedule of producing 8 episodes within two weeks! I had the opportunity to tour and have a first look at the all-new How Do I Look? Asia set at Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa.

Online fashion retailer Zalora is the official fashion partner and returns as a regional sponsor of the show.

Jeannie bringing the media around to tour the How Do I Look? Asia season 2 set.


The local version will also feature the famed series staple, the Eww Tube, a vacuum cleaner-like machine that sucks away offending or unwanted outfits after being put through the ringer by a panel of experts and accomplices.

How Do I Look? Asia season 2 not only inspires women to be the best versions of themselves, each participant from every episode for the series shares a story that women can relate to and viewers will take away practical fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips.

From left to right: Diaz Diaz, Andrea Chong, Mama Mai & Jeannie Mai

While the participants put their trust in a professional team that includes guest stylists such as Andrea Chong and Diaz Diaz to help them with their fresh, new look, they also pick up vital tips that help them gain a brighter outlook on life not just on their fashion and style.

Andrea Chong, more commonly known as Drea Chong is also a Fashion Blogger from Singapore who seeks to provide her constructive fashion advice on the show.

Diaz Diaz is a creative director and illustrator from Indonesia with a keen eye for fashion.

From left to right: Mama Mai, Andrea Chong, Jeannie Mai & I

It was really fun interviewing Jeannie together with her mum, Mama Mai who was also in town accompanying her daughter for the filming of How Do I Look? Asia season 2 while she was in Singapore. The hilarious mother and daughter conversations gave those who were around quite a few laughs. Jeannie has great personality and bringing her remarkable energy and positivity to the show makes it truly distinctive.

Interview with Jeannie Mai

How different will How Do I Look? Asia be, compared to the U.S. version now that you are on board as being host for How Do I Look? Asia season 2?

“It’s already 100% different because I’m executive producing so my expectations of How Do I Look? Asia are even further than How Do I Look? in America. Because it’s been a few years, it’s been at least six years. We have social media, we have reality shows that have taken a whole different turn so I’m not hiding anything, the camera shows everything and it hits a different part closer to home because I’m an Asian woman and I can get deeper into these women because they feel like family.”

For some of the episodes for the US version of How Do I Look?, you actually picked women from the streets offering to do makeovers for them. Will How Do I Look? Asia season 2 have something like that too? Or will all the makeovers be done in the set?

“Everybody, everything is in the set but we bring people to the set. So we have a couple of exercises where we bring people who are outside here to kind of give their thoughts so there’s nothing held back just because we are on set, we actually bring Singapore into the set.”

During your Style Talk with Sazzy, host of How Do I Look? Asia season 1, you said it takes three seconds for people to have an impression of you. What is the first thing you notice when you see someone?

“Do they look like they took care of themselves. That’s number one, I always notice. Your style, your style is everything. If you look like you have a t-shirt on with a stain on it or in flip flops, it looks like you got dressed in two seconds and it will take me two seconds to judge about what I think about you. So if people look at you and they feel that you spend a little bit more time on yourself, they will spend more time on you because you look like you respect yourself first.”

You definitely also own alot of stuff, is there anything you own that you think should go in the Eww Tube?

“Yes, a lot of clothes. I have a lot of clothes because here’s why? I’m not a hoarder but I like to save things because there are memories and I also think fashion repeats itself. So there’s this one pair of shoes that I got, I have a pair of Sophia Webster heels. They are made out of fur, they look like when you walk, they look like a teddy bear died on your shoe. I need to get a life and get rid of them but I won’t get rid of them because I think Jeffrey Campbell’s going to invite me to his house and I need to wear some good shoes.”

Season 2 of How Do I Look? Asia promises to be bigger and bolder with its premiere on DIVA end of this month on 29 August 2016 with a new episode every Monday at 8pm. Watch out for it!

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