Want to start eating healthy, but don’t know where to start? Wish to cut down on eating out, but aren’t sure how you can transition to home cooked meals?

Refining your diet and cutting out unhealthy foods may prove to be an uphill challenge for some, and some may even say intimidating, but do not let that deter you from making positive lifestyle changes.

We’ve compiled 9 easy hacks for you below, to ease you into the process of this new healthy habit:

1. Skip the trans-fat, not meals

Trans-fat is commonly found in foods due to its inexpensive nature and that it has long shelf life, but you should probably skip out on it to get rid of unnecessary fats. Do NOT skip out on your meals altogether – you’re going to need that kick of energy for tomorrow’s meetings!

2. Pack your own lunch

Ever heard of meal prep? Set aside a few hours every Sunday to prepare a week’s worth of meals at once, and be sure to pack yourself nutritious lunches throughout the week.

Pro-tip: Check out this awesome recipe finder for tantalizing new recipes for your weekly meals!

3. Peer pressure (surround yourself with people of same frequency/goals)

It’s important to build a support system of like-minded individuals working towards the same goals you have, so you can keep each other motivated. Why else do you think the army would stress on the buddy system!

4. Keep a distance from the food table – literally

Tempting as it might be, you’ll want to keep that can of chips away from your desk and stow it away in the pantry. Alternatively, if you find yourself needing a snack at your disposal, opt for a healthier choice like almonds or Quaker Oatmeal Cookies.

5. Use smaller kitchenware

If you have a hard time downsizing your meals, downsize your cutlery instead! Use smaller plates to ration your meal portions, and slowly work towards cutting down on your food consumption.

6. Incorporate veggies into dishes, not as standalone

Not everyone enjoys eating greens, especially kids, but they’re undoubtedly essential in a well-rounded diet to stay in the pink of health. Here is a great guide on ways to sneak some veggies into meals – because vegging out is simpler than you think!

7. Reduce alcohol intake (usually accompanied by unrestrained snacking)

Alcohol helps us lose our inhibitions, and in that process, lose our dietary discipline as well. More often than not, a pint of beer is best accompanied by a snack or two. The best way to avoid unrestrained snacking is to cut down on your alcohol intake, working your way to both sobriety and a cleaner diet.

8. Consume food with high fibre content

Fibrous foods help in reducing the risk of stroke, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. They’ll also help you feel fuller for longer and stop you from overeating. And guess what’s high in fiber? Quaker Overnight Oats, for an energy boost in the morning.

9. Pay attention to cooking methods

If the recipe tells you to fry ingredients in oil or butter, try baking, poaching, or broiling them. If the recipe directions instruct you to baste meat or vegetables in oil or pan drippings, use vegetable or fruit juice, fat-free broth or an air fryer instead.