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Every single horrid thing Dr. Christopher Kwan Chen Lee (Nachtsider) posted that got him suspended

Errata: A previous edition of this article said that Dr. Lee had 27 years experience in the emergency room. This was an error, and the passage was referring to Dr. Lee’s supervisor, who was the one with the 27 years of experience.

In a previous report by Alvinology, a prolific and relatively popular doctor who frequents the Hardwarezone forum was suspended for his incendiary comments on an ask-me-anything thread. Dr. Christopher Kwan Chen Lee, with his online moniker Nachtsider, had conducted an AMA thread on the popular Singaporean online forum, where he declared several opinions on certain topics, which were seen as misconduct in the eyes of the Health Practicioner’s Tribunal of the Medical Board of Australia.

Who is Nachtsider? Read about this incendiary doctor here.

He was suspended from medical practice for six weeks last April 16, and is required to undergo some education related to his views and posts.

But what did he post anyway that was so bad?

While netizens are torn between the concepts of free speech and political correctness, here’s what the case wanted to tackle as incidences of Dr. Lee’s misconduct:

“I beg to differ. This kind will NEVER learn. She needs to be abandoned in India and repeatedly raped in order for her to wake up her idea.” [09-12-2016, 9:45pm]“Doctor cannot be scathing? Doctor cannot be vulgar? Doctor cannot scold people? Fug you all lah.” [09-12-2016, 9:45pm]

“I will not conform to your ridiculous moral standards and your expectations of what a doctor should or should not say.” [09-12-2016, 9:45pm]

“I am a medical practitioner. I also have a foul mouth and call a spade a spade.” [09-12-2016, 9:45pm]

“I can just as easily condemn your mother for a whore (if the situation warranted it) as I can save your life or even hers.” [09-12-2016, 9:45pm]

“I am what I am. Doctors are not produced from a cookie cutter mold [sic]. Deal with it.” [09-12-2016, 9:45pm]

“Don’t live in Singapore. For someone to get their license revoked over something like this is bloody nonsensical.” [09-12-2016, 9:48pm]

“I’m not pinoy [Filipino], you dumb SOB [Son of a bitch].” [09-12-2016, 9:51pm]

“I work in the ER.” [09-12-2016, 9:53pm]

“I didn’t go to med school for six years and gain entry to the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine to let some anonymous moron call me a nurse and a fake doctor. My qualifications are as genuine as your stupidity.” [09-12-2016, 10:02pm]

“Life’s a stage. I live for the applause. Free forum, baby; anyone can start a thread on anything. Suck it up.” [09-12-2016, 10:29pm]

“I’m not at home right now. I’m at the hospital, although I’m not actually working. My wife is on night shift and I’m here to keep her company and help her with stuff if she requires assistance.” [09-12-2016, 10:31pm]

“Nah, I’m a lesbian in mind only. I think I just need some alcohol.” [09-12-2016, 11:42pm]

“You really ought to meet me in real life. My online personality is exactly the same as my offline one. I don’t just talk big here. I talk big EVERYWHERE.” [10-12-2016, 07:51pm]

“Thank you for redirecting; I didn’t even initially realise that we were going off topic. The original issue at play here is that people are criticising me for being a blunt, heartless foul mouthed bast@rd on an Internet forum.” [10-12-2016, 08:00pm]

“What would you rather me say, hmm? That hers was a misguided outburst? That she should be let off the hook? Well that ain’t my style, mister. If I don’t’ like you, there won’t be any kid gloves. Some women deserve to be raped, and that supercilious little bitch fits the bill in every way.” [10-12-2016, 10:16pm]

“You give her too much credit. She’s too bloody thick skinned to know guilt or regret. If I turn out to be wrong, though, it won’t be any skin off my nose. With her suicide, nothing of value would be lost.” [10-12-2016, 10:42pm]

Here’s what his online profile says, which could be seen as something her wrote himself

“A mongrel doctor who claims to know all manner of shit on earth. He works and resides in Australia, and is also well known to practice Sintua religiously. It is rumored [sic] that his hospital in Australia has the highest casualties in the world due to him not attending to his dying patients and consistently posting ran jiao weis in edmw. He has a chio Ceylonese wife and will piak and/or play with her tits almost everyday. There’s some tiagong that he was forced into the marriage because his wife had threatened to report him to police for raping her, after he spiked her curry then upped her after their graduation prom night. Famous for being a shortie.”

Still a very professional and capable doctor

Dr. Lee’s camp submitted during the case proceedings that most of these statements were not made in his capacity as a doctor, and that his superiors consider him to be very professional and punctual in his work. His colleagues and supervisors agree that he has superb communication skills and has a good bedside manner when treating patients and relating to colleagues.

According to the case proceedings, Dr. Lee is the current Director of Emergency Medicine Training (an appointment endorsed by the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine) at Latrobe Regional Hospital and Knox Private Hospital. He has been working as an emergency doctor for several years, and claims that he has a psychiatrist for a spouse.



  1. The last paragraph is incorrect, it is Dr Lee’s supervisor, Dr Weeraratne who is Director and has 27 years experience. Dr Weeraratne attended a mediation with Dr Lee and was mentioned in the transcript.

  2. ‘He has been working as an emergency doctor for 27 years’

    He is 31 as of time of posting, so he’s been a doctor since he was 4?

    That’s some impressive tiger parenting.

  3. Box Hill is Eastern Health. They demand their staff to uphold the following values:
    Patients First, Kindness, Respect, Excellence, Agility, Humility.
    I could see that this behavior is in conflict with some of these values to say the least.
    I think a permanent suspension is in order.

    1. Strip him of his license to practice medicine. He will only use his occupation and privilege, hiding behind the Hospital he works for, to cause grief and suffering upon others later on in life. Stop him now before he really becomes a psychopath.

  4. 31 years old. 2019-31=1988, year of birth. So young, not a single white hair on his head in his photo.still a long way to go for him. But why the stupid comments from a good student? (one needs to be good to do medicine in the univercity, you cannot simply pay or walk your way into the course). Perhaps it has to do with the type of education he received in australia. Of cause he reserves his right of an opinion, no matter how offensive (to readers), it still is his little viewpoint, unless of cause the readers are actually influenced by him which should not be the case, unless they are stupid as he originally wanted to put forward this point.

  5. If you react to his stupid comments, it proves that you are stupid. This clever guy exploit the stupidity of others just to show others are more stupid than him. It not a coincidence that he did medicine in univercity which proves that he is not stupid.

  6. He’s a fucking sociopath. His facade he puts up daily when he goes to work will only serve to protect him so he can continue to harbour such evil thoughts and exert mental torture upon others on social media.
    He’s but a step away from becoming an actual psychopath and murder someone who fits his demographic for receriving his hate and vitriol. Strip him of his privilege and social standing, and see how far he’ll go.

  7. “A mongrel doctor who claims to know all manner of shit on earth. He works and resides in Australia, and is also well known to practice Sintua religiously. It is rumored [sic] that his hospital in Australia has the highest casualties in the world due to him not attending to his dying patients and consistently posting ran jiao weis in edmw.”

    The fact that he posted his profile as a doctor and casually joking (or not) about not attending to dying patients is damaging the trust between patients and the medical professionals. Who would dare to go to this hospital or where ever he works?

  8. This man almost killed me! Multiple organ failure, two weeks in intensive care because he failed to follow instructions from his superior!

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