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Will Dr. Christopher Kwan Chen Lee (Nachtsider) practice medicine again? This petition wants his license revoked

Dr. Christopher Kwan Chen Lee, 31, popularly known as online forum user Nachtsider, has been embroiled in a scandal involving his online statements. Most of the statements may be found on Singapore’s popular message board website, Hardware Zone, where he is a regular poster. An Australian citizen, he practices medicine in the land down under.

He was a registrar at the Royal Hobart Hospital, but he has been an emergency registrar in Victoria since 2018.

In a previous report by Alvinology, Dr. Lee was shown to have made several damning and incendiary comments that range from racist to misogynist. His reputation for speaking his mind without any filter or care of being politically correct has earned him a complaint and resolved case with the Health Practicioner’s Tribunal of the Medical Board of Australia.

He has since been suspended from practicing medicine for six weeks and has to undergo education regarding the posts that he made online, which include insulting women, Indians, Egyptians, and other groups of people.

Punishment not enough?

In what may be another case of looking for more punishment for an offense such as the recent Monica Baey case, an online petition has been circulating, garnering over 3,000 signatures. The petition is asking for the disbarment of Dr. Lee from practicing medicine in Australia.

Justine Brooks, a CEO of a Sexual Assault Support Service, started the petition that’s asking that Dr. Lee’s medical license be revoked, so that he may never practice medicine at all.

She highlighted the following statements that he made in Hardware Zone, mistakenly calling the site an online chatroom:

“Some women deserve to be raped, and that supercillious little bitch fits the bill in every way”

“She needs to be abandoned in India and repeatedly raped in order for her to wake up her idea”

“If my marriage fell apart, it would not end in divorce. It would end in murder.”

“I can easily condemn your mother for a whore”

She then said that she handles victims of sexual assault and noted the case of a man from Perth who had killed his whole family. She said:

“As the CEO of a Sexual Assault Support Service, and as a woman, I find these comments from a registered Doctor to be outrageous and unacceptable, and I feel compelled to challenge Dr Lee’s right to practice medicine in Australia. Australian Doctors are bound by the AMA Principles of Medical Ethics which can be summarised simply as ‘do no harm’ ( Nonmaleficence). The harm Dr Lee is suggesting in the above messages gives us some clear insight into the way he feels about and treats women.”

Who is Dr. Christopher Kwan Chen Lee, more popularly known as Nachtsider?

Support still comes

While the petition is still up and garnering signatures, Dr. Lee’s supporters from Singapore still mention how kind he was to fellow forum users. Some of them mentioned that while he conducted the original AMA on the site that got him in trouble with the incendiary posts, he also dispenses free medical advice to anyone who would ask through the site.

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