Jacelyn Tay announced that she is ending her marriage wih her husband, Brian Wong on Sunday, November 18. Jacelyn revealed this on her Instagram post, stating that she is at the final stage of divorce proceedings.

Her post comprises two pictures.

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I am at the final stage of divorce proceedings. Many may be shocked. Don’t worry, me and Zavier are fine. . Happiness is never upon others but self. I always choose to be happy and optimistic no matter what happens. Only a happy person can bring happiness to those whom we love. . I do not think I owe anyone the reason for divorce except to my son. Even if you guys know, you can’t help or change anything for us. Hence I ask all who truly care for me and Zavier to give us a peaceful Christmas this year. Zavier is now on flight with his daddy to explore Europe. I ask that if you truly love us and want to give support, just give a Like and pray for us. Thank you for your love. . . . 我的离婚手续就快办完了。我知道很多朋友都会惊讶。别担心,我和儿子都很好。 . 快乐从来就不是建立在任何人身上。自己快乐才能带给爱的人欢乐。 . 离婚的理由是很个人的事, 我无需解释。你们知道了,也不会改变什么,帮到什么。就让我们静静地度过这个圣诞。现在Zavier和爸爸飞到欧洲度假。如果你真心的要给我们祝福和支持,给个Like就够了。谢谢你们的爱。

A post shared by 郑秀珍 | Wellness | Beauty (@jacelyn_tay) on The first shows Jacelyn and her son, Zavier Wong, beaming at the airport in front of the departure hall. Zavier was going off to explore Europe with his dad, Brian. You’ll find a picture of the duo smiling happily on the plane Europe-bound as you scroll to the second picture.

As seen from the caption, the former Mediacorp actress acknowledges that the piece of news may shock many, but assures everyone that both her son and her are fine.

From the caption, Jacelyn does not want to disclose the reason for the divorce, and requests that people refrain from commenting.

Jacelyn has since deleted all comments on her post, including well wishes and supportive comments. She did gave everyone a heads up though, to begin with. And she stuck by her words.

Speculation and theories are rife (some are pretty ridiculous, we’ll admit) regarding Jacelyn’s marriage, from netizens – fans or not.

Before you continue, here’s a disclaimer: All these speculations are unconfirmed and we do not take any of these claims as facts.

With the Internet’s veil of anonymity, here’s what some of them have speculated: Some are saying that Jacelyn only got together with Brian for his money; when he refused to fund her to expand her business, she took off. And now she’s going for the alimony. If you didn’t know, Jacelyn’s business revolves around a wellness centre, Body Inc. She is the founder and coach of Body Inc.

Other netizens frown upon Jacelyn’s decision. Some question the nature of her post.

The nastiness in some of these speculations has made some of us uneasy, but on the brighter side, there are netizens who are supportive of Jacelyn, giving her their support and well wishes.

Despite the ongoing divorce, we’re happy that Jacelyn and her family are managing well.

Here’s to happiness and emotional strength for Jacelyn, Zavier, and Brian.