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Who is Lin Xinjie?

The CEO of Jiji Singapore, an online retail company, was stabbed and killed by one of his employees. Lin Xinjie was only 30 years old when the suspect allegedly named Yee Jing Man, 23,  showed up during a late lunch hour and reportedly came at the former and another colleague with a chopper. Lin was declared dead when paramedics arrived at  International Furniture Centre in Sungei Kadut Loop at around 1pm on Monday.

Lin was found in a pool of blood in his company’s building, with multiple lacerations and stab wounds.

The suspect, who is from Malaysia, was a former employee of Lin, and was previously fired from his job due to poor work ethic. He was accepted again, though, after he had asked for another chance from Lin, but his poor work ethic continued even after given another opportunity. He is also a holder of a work permit.

The suspect had also managed to wound another company director, Li Minqiao, who is currently being treated for his injuries at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. He sustained the injuries while trying to stop the attacker, but is now stable.

Who is Lin Xinjie?

Lin Xinjie was a seasoned entrepreneur. Most of the information about him came from his father, who had arrived as soon as he could when a colleague notified him of the tragic event of his son’s death.

There, he spoke to reporters but refrained from giving his name.

According to Lin’s father, Jiji was his son’s eighth company, and that he had 40 employees from the start. He was very proud of his son’s accomplishments and how hard the latter worked not only for his family but for everyone involved in the business. He started working on his own businesses since 2011, with Jiji being his latest venture from 2017.

His father also said that  Lin was someone who valued family very much, and would always bring hongbao to relatives they would visit in China.

Lin, according to his father, was not dating anyone nor was he attached, as his son was allegedly working hard and focused on his career. Lin was supposedly working to expand the company, working even on weekends when no one was in the office. When Lin was not abroad, he would even go in to the office on supposed rest days.

Jiji Singapore recently posted an announcement on their Facebook page that they were ceasing operations due to “unforeseen circumstances” and that they apologize for any inconvenience caused. It is unclear how the company will continue to operate and under whose leadership.

A close friend of Lin described the victim as a man who lived life to the fullest. “He was the most steady, the kindest brother we could ask for,” he said.

“Even if he didn’t have much of an education, he was an intelligent and astute leader, and he succeeded in business far beyond what society expected him to.”

He said many of Mr Lin’s friends would be flying in from around Asia for the funeral, which was held 91 Tampines Link.
Header image from Facebook of Xinjie Lin.

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