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Tracy Lee’s Instagram farewell to husband, Ben Goi – “Shall we make a date to reunite again in Heaven?”

Ben Goi, husband to former television actress, Tracy Lee Mei Ling and father to their 8-month-old son, died last Sunday, February 3 at the age of 43. He was in Malaysia when he passed away.

The couple got married in October 2017 and the wedding was attended by many VIPs in the Singapore political scene, corporate bigwigs as well as local celebrities.

Ben Goi made arrangements for Tracy’s Valentine’s Day gift not knowing he would not be there to see her receive it. Read about his gift to her here.

Ben Goi’s sudden death was reported widely in the media but his wife, Tracy Lee, has largely stayed out of the limelight and remain silence throughout the period of grief. Today, she broke her silence and posted an Instagram update to bid farewell to her beloved husband with a few short, but moving sentences. The original post was written in Chinese and we have taken the liberty to translate it as below:


Thank you for loving me and our precious baby so much


Shall we make a date to reunite again in Heaven?


When that time comes, give me a deep hug.

From Wifey ?‍♀️
#MissYou #tillwemeetagain #LoveYouBaby#MrsGoi #MakeMeABlessing

在此也谢谢所有爱我们的朋友亲戚 ,谢谢你们给我们一家的安慰和鼓励 ,代祷和支持,谢谢媒体给的空间 ,也许没法一一回复你们的信息,但我心感激 谢谢你们

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and family members – thank you for your condolences and encouragements to my family and I. Also, thank you to the media for giving us space to grief. Maybe I won’t be able to reply each of your messages individually, but I am really grateful. Thank you everyone.”

This must a be a very difficult and trying period for the Goi family and Tracy Lee. May she find peace and solace soon and her son to grow up strong and healthy, remember the legacy of his beloved father.

Read about Popiah King Sam Goi’s feelings on his son’s death.


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