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Tracy Lee Mei Ling gives birth to Ben Goi’s firstborn son

In an Instagram post on Tracy Mei Ling’s official account, the former Mediacorp actress just revealed that she had given birth to a son. The baby is Ben Goi’s first born son, and is the grandchild of Popiah King Sam Goi, whose net worth is calculated in billions of dollars.

According to, Ben Goi’s father, Sam Goi, is worth 2.1 billion US dollars. Tracy’s husband is  the managing director of Abaglobe (S) Pte. Ltd., an entity that sells abalone canned food. Before joining Abaglobe (S) Pte. Ltd., he was Deputy Director of Overseas Sales at Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Trigiant Group Ltd, a leading manufacturer of mobile telecommunications cables in China, from 2009 to 2013, and General Manager of Singapore-based Honjji Foods (2005) Pte Ltd from 2005 to 2009.

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Looking incredibly fresh-faced and surrounded by the glow of motherhood, Tracy shared a heartwarming photo of her with her newborn baby resting on her chest.

According to the Instagram post, the baby is named Ben Junior, after his dad. Here is a translation of her caption:

“I’m so happy and honoured that i’ve become a mother, this is a divine role that has been entrusted ro me. ? I love you baby, I will love you as much as Daddy does… I do not ask for much, except that you grow up healthily and happily. If you do, that will be enough ?”.

Who is Tracy Lee Mei Ling?

Before this, Tracy also shared a photo of her ultrasound, which showed her baby giving a thumbs-up in her womb:

Star-studded wedding

Last year, Alvinology reported on Tracy’s star-studded wedding, where her guests included some of the most well-known actors and actresses in Singapore along with a former president and high-profile politicians.

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Congratulations on your bundle of joy, Tracy and Ben!

Header image from Tracy Lee’s Instagram account

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  1. All the speculations were right. Shotgun marriage. Nothing wrong with that but the fact that she was trying to hide is disgusting. What 19 months courtship and hoping to have a Gemini baby etc etc…Why can’t she just admit that she was already pregnant in that wedding gown…

    Anyway, she looked radiant even immediately after birth though. That’s the plus point of marrying into a wealthy household 🙂

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