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3 Asian princes you should be following on Instagram

While your moms (and some dads) were drooling over teeny-bopper magazine photos of Prince Charles and Harry in the 90s, some of the sexiest princes in the world were growing up just like you and have now been posting their handsome selfies and dreamy OOTDs on Instagram.

But who are these princes and what are they into? Alvinology takes a look at the sexiest royals here in Asia and how they’re much more accessible thanks to social media.

Read about the sexiest prince in Asia here.

Prince Mateen of Brunei

Turning 28 this year, this eligible bachelor prince is the tenth son of the richest monarch in the world. While Brunei may be a small country that’s not on the radar with big news (this may be a good thing in 2019), it’s a stable country with a wealthy economy and even wealthier royal family.

If you take a look at his dreamy Instagram account, you’ll see that he has a fleet of Ferraris and the capacity to whisk you away on a helicopter ride (move over, Magic Carpet).

He is also the pet daddy of what looks like a white tiger and an ocelot. He also likes your normal, everyday, exotic breed of cat.

This Malaysian prince paid for everyone’s groceries which made shoppers trash the store.

Tengku Amir of Malaysia

While Prince Mateen is the dashing prince with the set of rock-hard abs, Prince Tengku Amir is the baby-faced royal prince.

More progressive than Mateen, Tengku Amir took up a degree in Ecology and Environmental Biology. He also likes to go cycling, running, and playing football.

Tunku Abdul Jaman Rahman of Johor

It seems that dreamy, dashing princes aren’t in short supply as we have another prince who can give Prince Mateen a run for his money (even if Brunei has the wealthiest monarch in the whole world).

This 25-year-old royal is just as much a sportsman as Prince Mateen and Tengku Amir. He loves the outdoors and likes to play polo. some princes prefer fast sports cars, this prince prefers motorbikes. Does this make him the slightly more-outrageous daredevil compared to his counterparts?

Perhaps he isn’t the first in line to the throne, which is why he thinks he can take risks on a motorbike.

This Malaysian girl may have the secret to marrying a prince. Or is she just a social media-savvy gold digger?

While these three princes here before you are indeed dreamy, they are poised to rule over countries in a world that is wildly different from the one their predecessors ruled. Can they continue their lavish lifestyles online or will something soon have to change?

Still, commoners like us can only speculate and what better question to answer than who do you think is the hottest prince? Let us know in the comments!



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