This Malaysian girl has a comprehensive strategy for marrying a rich man, do you agree with her? - Alvinology

This Malaysian girl has a comprehensive strategy for marrying a rich man, do you agree with her?

While everyone is sure to work hard for their dreams, being able to marry someone who can lighten the burden is definitely a bonus. In a recent post on Singaporean local online forums, someone shared the advice of a Malaysian girl who married a rich man.

The full text of the post reads:

How to marry a rich man, for ladies

If you wanna marry a rich man, you gotta have the qualities that they want, and be as perfect as possible. You gotta work on yourself first.

Based on my experience & feedback from them, their checklist of ideal wife material is as follows:

1) Appearance (tall, pretty, attractive) — presentable when bringing her to attend biz functions
2) Brain (intelligent, ambitious, highly educated) — to be their partner, and help them in biz & career
3) Filial to his parents — most of them are the only/eldest son, so what their mum thinks of their woman is very important
4) Can be a good mum — they want to produce the best offspring
5) Talented — have other hobbies or talents, e.g. singing, dancing, cooking, socialising etc

It took me 5 years sweat.gif to perfect myself so that I could attract the men I want. Yeah, I stayed single & unavailable for many years, just to polish myself to near-perfection.

How did I do it?

In terms of looks, I have spent nearly RM50k in the past few years on various skincare treatments to look beautiful, such as going for facials, mani/pedicure, hair treatments (rebonding, colouring), doing my eyebrows, lips, skin hair removal & polishing, body massages etc. Yeah, I look naturally pretty without any makeup; no need to edit photos too. With makeup, I look way more gorgeous. (Yeah, spent so much $$$, will of coz look fabulous.)

On a side note, a woman being able to spend RM10k a year on beauty enhancements without getting bankrupt or in bad debt is a sign of high earning power & prudent financial management. Men find rich/high-earning women attractive too, so be one. (Yeah, easier said than done, but can be done.)

Having good looks alone is not enough. If you are an empty flower vase = look good on the outside but have nothing solid inside, rich men will lose interest fast, coz you’re no different from those hot chicks they meet.

So yeah, I spent lots of time reading books, esp. biz, finance, investments etc (“dry & boring” for most women), so that I know what to chat with them, and impress them. Then I also developed side interests, and learnt how to cook delicious meals, sing songs etc. & I work out to shape & tone my body; going to be age 30 but still look around mid-20s.


Hard work does pay off.

The outcome? Attracted many high-earning professionals, and went on dates with them. (Birds of a feather flock together wink.gif)

Also attracted several rich men, who pursued/proposed to me:

1) M, eldest son of a bizman who owns a transportation company. Lives in double-storey semi-D, now runs his father’s company. Stole my first kiss without consent. Yeah, punched him after that, but he was still happy.

2) L, eldest son of a bizman who owns a timber lodging company. Lives in double-storey bungalow, drove a Mercedez to fetch me at my house before, for an expensive lunch date. Confessed to me and wished to bring me home to meet his parents.

3) C, only son of a rich family, lives in single-storey bungalow, works in Oil & Gas, earning 5-digit MYR a month. Came to my house one late night (around 10pm+) to give me a box of imported chocolates. Parents are family friends.

4) W, only son of a rich biz family, studied in the U.K. Lives in a bungalow, inherits his family business to supply automobile parts to major car manufacturers. Wished to bring me home to meet his parents.

5) K, eldest son of a rich biz family, studied in the U.K. Inherited family wealth, earning 5-digit SGD a month. We’re engaged now. Our anniversary trip this year is to Phuket, pre-wedding photoshoot will be in Taiwan, and the reception + honeymoon (destination wedding) will be in Maldives ← he suggested these countries.

Btw, I’m not working currently; he’s supporting me financially. I have 1-2 years to relax and go travel, and upgrade myself to tip-top condition so that we can start own biz and family. He and I have discussed earning in MYR and also in USD, and sending our kids to international school.


When you become the best, you will deserve the best. I didn’t come from a rich family; was poor and starving before, but I worked hard to the top in terms of studies and career. That made me into a confident and ambitious lady, and not just sit there dressed in rags with self-pity, and passively waiting & daydreaming for some prince to rescue me. Nah, it doesn’t happen that way in real life.

A few things to take note:

Firstly, rich guys don’t like it when girls covet their wealth. They can easily sense if you are after them, or after their money. Money is important, but greed and materialism is a huge turn-off.

Secondly, of course, not all of us have the luck to meet/date rich men. It depends on the social circles/social class you are in. If you life is confined to just work and home, then chances are, you ain’t gonna meet any of them. You need to actively go out and express yourself, be it in events or gatherings, or online.

Thirdly, it’s not easy to manage wealth and multiply it. If you only wanna be a rich tai-tai who can’t help much in your husband’s biz/career, chances are, years down the road, you’re out of the game, as you become liability and no longer asset. With great power (privileges) comes great responsibility and expectations.

Fourthly, if you’re dating a guy who is earning an average income, please develop his potential and push him to success. Your aspiration, dreams and energy level can fuel his ambition to give you the life both of you want — enjoy comfort without worry, and perhaps, a life of luxury one day. Don’t just sit there and complain about him (look down on him and make him feel like a loser) when you yourself have done nothing much to upgrade yourself. It must go both ways/ reciprocal. In order to receive, you need to give first. Sow first, and reap later.

Btw, if a man feels he can’t catch up on you, he’ll either level up his game to be on par with you (great!), or feel insecure enough to let you go/ become controlling.

Lastly, love a man not for his money, but for his personality, his character, dreams and ambitions, and earning potential. The truly rich man is one who can lose everything, smile and start all over again, and earn the same pot of gold in a decade or two. Now that is what I call true wealth.

What’s the TLDR?

According to the post above, women have to spend on their physical appearance (the OP allegedly spent $16,000) and to be knowledgeable in the industry or field of the man you want to marry. She said that marrying a high-earning professional should mean you aren’t just a pretty face–that you have to be viable when your beauty has passed.

Because of how in-demand she is as a potential spouse, she has her pick of rich men and even the sons of rich men, who are willing to support and indulge her financially while she takes her time. She can demand as much before taking on wifely duties.

What do netizens think of this?

This commenter may have forgotten that the OP spent thousands of dollars on her appearance.

This Malaysian girl has a comprehensive strategy for marrying a rich man, do you agree with her? - Alvinology

Her advice on being with an average income guy is also useful, since not everyone can have a do-over.

This Malaysian girl has a comprehensive strategy for marrying a rich man, do you agree with her? - Alvinology

While some pointed out how this post can be a shot at some women.

This Malaysian girl has a comprehensive strategy for marrying a rich man, do you agree with her? - Alvinology

Others thought this was another elaborate marketing strategy.

This Malaysian girl has a comprehensive strategy for marrying a rich man, do you agree with her? - Alvinology

While some supported her truth, and said she does deserve to marry a rich man.

This Malaysian girl has a comprehensive strategy for marrying a rich man, do you agree with her? - Alvinology

Header image from Shutterstock, beautiful Asian bride.


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