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Author: Anson Ong

Lao Jiu: The Musical (2017)

Ask any avid Chinese theatre goer about Lao Jiu, it will surely ring a bell. After all, Lao Jiu has endured 27 glorious years in the local theatre scene! Its first inception dated back in 1990 when the late theatre doyen Kuo Pao Kun was invited by Singapore Arts Festival to debut it at the Victoria Theatre. Fast forward more than two decades, Lao Jiu is making a familiar re-entrance onto local shores, much to the delight of theatre aficionados. We last saw Lao Jiu back in 2012, when Kuo Jian Hong decided to create a complete artistic overhaul to...

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Dracula: Blood is Life at RWS

Horror buffs, time to sink your imaginary fangs into a theatrical spectacular this Halloween season. For those of you who are familiar with the century-old horror novel by Bram Stoker, you must have known who Count Dracula is. Yes, IS. For he still walks this earth during the witching hours and lo and behold! He has now settled in modern cosmopolitan Singapore. In this latest electrifying stage production helmed by American playwright Steven Dietz and produced by UK theatre company Ewing Entertainment, audiences can expect a blood-curling, spine-chilling experience. British actor Keith-Lee Castle is cast as Count Dracula while the role...

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Ge Tai – The Musical at Resorts World Sentosa

  Ge Tai, known as 歌台 in Chinese, is commonly known in Singapore as a stage event that occurs usually around the 7th month of the lunar calendar, which is also during the Hungry Ghost Festival. This is a period where you would see heartland estates come to life as numerous stages are erected around the entire Singapore, sending audiences here into a musical frenzy. What comes to mind is often loud-booming oldies and even remixed pop medleys performed by singers decked in glitzy costumes, leather boots or high heels, all amidst psychedelic stage lights and dizzying stage effects. Now picture that scene...

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Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review

  We all know the classic fairytale story. Cinderella is treated like a slave by working for her stepmother and evil twin sisters when one day she is salvaged by her fairy godmother and goes to the ball to meet her Prince Charming, get married, and live happily ever after. Sounds familiar? Indeed, this musical production will be of no stranger then. From the internationally acclaimed creators of Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story comes a tale that we are all well acquainted with, that’s if you happen to have a childhood revolving around fairytale classics. After all, every girl has probably...

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YOLO 5K Run: Free yourselves for a good cause

Reason #124 to go shirtless: You have one less laundry item to do. In a summer-all-year-round island like Singapore, we know how liberating it feels to take off your shirt at the comfort of your own home. Most local guys should be able to relate to this, having gone through army trainings and being able to comprehend fully how cooling it feels to have perspiration trickling down our bare bods instead of wet shirts clinging on. And we appreciate how that helps to ease the laundry by having one less item to wash. Convenience aside, here is one more reason to bare your...

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