Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review - Alvinology

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review - Alvinology
When Cinderella meets her Prince Charming. (Photo credits: Music Hall)


We all know the classic fairytale story. Cinderella is treated like a slave by working for her stepmother and evil twin sisters when one day she is salvaged by her fairy godmother and goes to the ball to meet her Prince Charming, get married, and live happily ever after.

Sounds familiar? Indeed, this musical production will be of no stranger then. From the internationally acclaimed creators of Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story comes a tale that we are all well acquainted with, that’s if you happen to have a childhood revolving around fairytale classics. After all, every girl has probably fantasized herself as a princess in some parts of their lives (though some indulge in this fantasy 24/7 of course!).

The narrative unfolds itself through the eyes of an inquisitive reporter. I watched this on Christmas Eve and it turned out to be a magical affair. By magic, I refer particularly to the scene of how Cinderella instantly changes into her ball gown right in front of your eyes. I had to ask how that happened as I was too fixated on my camera.

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review - Alvinology
Getting up the carriage and getting a taste of royalty


Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review - Alvinology
All hell got loose when the wrath of Cinderella’s angelic mother can be felt through pyrotechnics

That certainly looked like the stage is on fire. In fact, the use of pyrotechnics spellbound me. While you can almost feel the heat on your faces (I was sitting in the first few rows), the ‘eruptions’ appeared a bit too abrupt. Still, it was a ‘4D’ experience which I found interesting.

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review - Alvinology
It’s a thin line between good and evil

For me, the real show stealers for the night are the stepsisters. They will crack you up with their humorous antics. And they are almost as real as the stepsisters you read about in the classic tale. These girls are to look out for!


Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review - Alvinology
When the clock strikes 12 midnight…

The dance sequences were a delight to watch as well. Grammy-winning composer and musical director, Mr Matt Dunkley, who worked on Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story staged at RWS last year has worked with Mr Ad Van Dijk to create a refreshing and uplifting combination of original compositions and popular hits. You will hear familiar tunes like  “I Gotta Feeling”, “Up Where We Belong” and “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”. Although the modern mix of music seemed a bit incongruous with such a classic tale, they did work fairly well and lifted the theatre atmosphere as a whole.

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review - Alvinology
The wedding ceremony looks grand and basked in fairytale splendour


Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review - Alvinology
A new ‘Cinderella’ takes on the stage with her ‘prince’

What made the night even more interesting was when a guy went on stage to propose to his girlfriend at the end of the show. The audience was treated to a surprise as we stayed on to cheer for the couple and behold an epic proposal with photo montages screened, chronicling the couple’s love life. After which, the female ‘lead’ had a Cinderella moment – exiting the stage in a carriage! Talk about an epic proposal. So yes guys, take heed.


My verdict: While some scenes may feel a bit rushed and choppy, slick performances by the actors as well as the uplifting song sequences make up for the flaws. If any, this is suitable entertainment for the whole family. The ladies, especially, will not say no to a magical eye feast.


Cinderella, A Fairly True Story: A Review - Alvinology

Perhaps the much coveted glass slipper that belongs to a beautiful maiden is like a fairytale sought after by many. After all, wearing those iridescent footwork while meeting your prince charming in a dazzling ball gown seems too pretty a dream to have, right?

For now, however, I am contented with my fair lady of size-38. 🙂


Cinderella, A Fairly True Story ( is now showing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa till 4 January 2016, Monday. Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays through Mondays at 2pm and 7pm.

TICKETS: Tickets are priced at S$78, S$108, S$138 and S$168 (premium). Prices exclude SISTIC booking fees and handling charges. Tickets can be purchased via: (65) 6348 5555 | | Resorts World Theatre Box Office

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