Celebrate Mother’s Day at Fish & Co.!

There is something “fishy” about the folks at Fish & Co.

No, it’s not how apparent they serve delectable seafood and quite literally, the fresh catch they are always proud of – their fish.

I think it is about their ability to hook up an ambience suited for friends, couples, and family bonding. Not to forget the warmth that could be felt with each gathering, and almost any occasion worth celebrating. You last saw us at their Valentine’s Day workshop where we cooked up a storm, or something like that.

This time round, we were back at their Glass House branch at The Park Mall for a first-try on the latest Mother’s Day menu and other seafood assortment.

And boy was I glad to bring not just my mummy, but my entire family along. (I heard they say good food must share, right?)

Our specialised menu of the day for 5 pax

Before we began meal proper, we had an activity to do. As always with the “family” tradition of the Good Folks PR, we had to take turns to whisper (out loud) sweet-everythings to our mummy.

“Tell your mummy how much she means to you by doing what’s written on each of the paper roses”, we were told by Daen, Fish & Co.’s brand ambassador from the Good Folks PR.

There can never be a dull moment with these quirky PR folks around, although based on past experience, the activities did require a certain amount of courage (and thick skin). Oops!

I picked one and here’s what was written.

Deep breath inhaled. This is gonna be easy…

Yeah right, so says a guy who has probably never spoken these three words easily out of my mouth. It’s just not an Asian thing ya know? But well, it still happened, much to my un-reluctance. (double negatives equal positive, yay? =X).

Told mummy that I love her X 3 and presented her with some lovely flowers! :*)

And I did it! Her smile on her face showed everything!

Guess who’s next to be caught in an “awkward” moment? Hahaha.

It was good fun really. Well, the game did get everyone warmed up, but our tummies were all ready for the real deal!

Buttery curry clams anyone?

The first dish did not disappoint at all. It was a first for me to try clams soaked in buttery curry, and I thought the sauce did help to enhance the taste and spice things up quite a bit.

Next up, a barramundi fillet coated with crispy citrus crust!

This was pretty interesting for our tastebuds as well. We liked how the fillet tasted crunchy on the outside and yet soft and succulent on the inside. The paella rice is also a good complement to the fillet.

Floral Berry and Jazz Me Up

No meal is complete without thirst-quenching drinks that help to cool things down a little, especially in our sunny tropical climate. Nothing’s more perfect than a little fruity-flowery or a citrusy blend. Choose your mix.

The Adoring Barra-Mummy Combo, consisting of the clams with curry butter, baked Barramundi with citrus crust, and the Floral Berry or Jazz Me Up, retails only at $26.95 and is available from 29 April – 17 May 2015 at all Fish & Co. restaurants in Singapore.

Of course, our gastronomical adventure did not end here.

We got a taste of the special Seasonal Catch 3-in-1 Combos – Crustacean Combo and Omega-3 Power Up as well!

Crustacean Combo boasts a trio of tasty tiger prawns, a grilled slipper lobster and tender, juicy scallops.
For those looking for an omega boost, you can never go wrong with the spread of grilled mussels with curry butter sauce, snow cod and salmon fillets on top of fresh greens and mashed potatoes.

By the way, I have much appetite love for the mashed potatoes! “Find the hidden treasure and you will be well rewarded, hohohoho!” says captain Anson.

Retailing at only $25.95, Fish & Co.’s Seasonal Catch 3-in-1 Combos – Crustacean Combo & Omega -3 Power-Up is available from 17 March – 30 June 2015 at all Fish & Co. restaurants in Singapore.

So yes, whether you are Mummy’s boy or her favourite angel girl, it is with my recommendation that you show her some love by bringing her somewhere with a cosy ambience and food that’s palatable enough for your appetites. No excuses for seafood lovers, especially!

To sum it all…

It was an early Mother’s Day celebration for us, but we enjoyed ourselves a great deal. Sometimes, good food and good company make the visit count, especially when the smiles of your loved ones at the end of the day brighten things up and make it all worth the effort. 🙂

For more good food recommendations, do follow me via my photo adventures on instagram: @nightcharmer. Till next time, foodies! 🙂

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