YOLO 5K Run: Free yourselves for a good cause - Alvinology

YOLO 5K Run: Free yourselves for a good cause

YOLO 5K Run: Free yourselves for a good cause - Alvinology

Reason #124 to go shirtless: You have one less laundry item to do.

In a summer-all-year-round island like Singapore, we know how liberating it feels to take off your shirt at the comfort of your own home. Most local guys should be able to relate to this, having gone through army trainings and being able to comprehend fully how cooling it feels to have perspiration trickling down our bare bods instead of wet shirts clinging on. And we appreciate how that helps to ease the laundry by having one less item to wash.

Convenience aside, here is one more reason to bare your bod. The inaugural YOLO 5K Run is a one-of-a-kind run that encourages you to go shirtless. You heard it right. Ladies too, except that you would need to have your sports bras on of course(shirtless, not topless!). While it is not mandatory to go shirtless, runners get to participate in the CSR efforts by giving back to society. Ladies can donate their pre-loved bras, while a T-shirt will be donated for every shirtless runner present. The donations will be managed by Uplift Project Singapore, who will dispatch them to the underprivileged woman and children in the developing countries. Is that not meaningful enough to let go of your shirt for a mere 5km run?

Reason 898 to go shirtless: Research has shown that it does good to your mental well-being by relieving stress!

The race is a non-competitive run which will take you past the Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay. Talk about running amidst lush greenery! While you soak in all the wonderful scenery and feel at ease with nature, you will be intrigued to know that the race ends with a mass yoga session filled with music, good vibes, and definitely lots of happy smiles!

Having said that, it must be quite a sight to behold as organisers of the run aim to inspire the community through breaking the Singapore Book of Records with 1000 shirtless runners present at the event.

YOLO 5K Run: Free yourselves for a good cause - Alvinology
A sneak peak at the race pack (for males).

Reason #386 to go shirtless: You can better regulate your body heat.

Every runner who signs up will receive a race pack as an entitlement. It consists of a race tee, race bag, singlet (for males) and sports bra (for ladies). Not only that, a yoga mat will be presented to each runner after the run as a finisher entitlement!

YOLO 5K Run: Free yourselves for a good cause - Alvinology
I definitely look like I’m ready for the run, don’t I?

Reason #1038 to go shirtless: You get free Vitamin D from the sun! 


Event date: 22 November 2015, Sunday
Time: 8am – 12 noon
Venue: Gardens by the Bay

For more information on the run, please visit www.yolorun.com.

Please note that due to overwhelming response, registration for the race is now closed.

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