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5 Reasons Why You Should Go To A Barber Shop

Have you lately been unsatisfied with your beard look, or looking for a change? The reason could be that you went to a wrong barber shop. While it is good to keep yourself up to date with all the latest grooming trends for men, it is also important that you understand what beard look suits you, individually.

You might like a certain look on your favourite celeb and would want to copy it but it might not look good on you which is why it is important to go be groomed at the right place.

A lot of people prefer going to the salon these days as they have a wider audience. Salon stylist are mostly generalists which means that they know various types of beard look but you would not want a stylist, rather a specialist – who is excellent with a selected few styles.

This is why you should go to a barber shop near you because barbers are trained to cut, trim and groom men’s beard. They know exactly what a man is looking for from a particular look and are also familiar with how to maintain them, and take care of them.

In this article, we share with you 5 reasons why you should go to a barber shop to groom your beard.

1. A Male Barber Knows The Requirements For Your Beard

Whether you want to dye your beard, trim your beard, beard shaping, mustache trimming or shaving it – going to a male barber will be helpful for you as they can relate to you and also take care of your needs of maintaining them in the long run. They will draw upon their knowledge of grooming to decide what will be the best bear look for you. Unlike salon employees, barbers are trained specifically to the art of cutting, trimming and grooming beard hair.

They study male hair types and beard styles, so have in-depth knowledge on all kinds of style and also on how to maintain and take care of them. They will have answers to all your queries and analyze all the elements such as the type of your hair, your face shape to understand what grooming tips would best suit you.

2. The Ambience In A Barber Shop Is Constructively Masculine

Salons are mostly crowded and flocked with people who look for all kinds of grooming – from mani-pedi, to hair cuts, to hair colors, to waxing and the list could go on and on. It could often be that you might not be attended well or worst, make the environment painfully boring for you. While on the other hand, a barber shop has been constructed keeping men in mind. The atmosphere is created in a way that men can sit, relax and enjoy their time and experience in it.

All barber shops have a different approach and this is why it is recommended that you try out several barber shops near you to understand which one suits you. Some could have sports memorabilia on its walls, other could be plain, while some others could have no-frills at all. But whatever be the environment, one thing is assured it is going to be decidedly masculine.

3. At A Barber Shop, You Can Get More Than Just Beard Shaving Or Trimming

If you thought as a guy, your beard look options were limited, think again. There is no end to the experimentation with your beard look – whether you want clean shave, beard shaping, beard dying or completely shaving it barber shops offer you services that are specific to men alone.

In addition to getting your mustache or beard trimmed, you can also get your beard dyed if you want, or even get a scalp massage along and much, much more.

This will also include the classic hallmark of most good barber shops, that is, a hot lather shave with a straight razor. We bet you won’t get this in a fancy salon, because some things are exquisite to men and barber shops alone.

4. Barber Shops Will Provide You Service Worthy Of Your Money

It is always more tempting to go to a salon that provides low rates for its services. A basic salon will charge you $10 USD for a basic haircut, and you might think it will be all for you. However, if you are going to a good barber shop, say in Orlando, it will be somewhere between $15 to $25 USD and it could even go upward. So you might think how will it be bang for your buck right? Firstly, the beard service you get in a barber shop is far better in quality than a salon. When you walk out of the barber shop you will feel contented with the trimming or shaping of your beard. Plus, they will give you good and worthy tips on how to maintain them until you come back again to them.

You will also get a hot lather shave and receive personalised maintenance advice from the barber. So, even if you feel a barber shop could be slightly more expensive, one thing is assured that you will get outstanding service.

5. Going To The Barber Shop Is One Of A Kind Experience

Most hair salons look almost the same, you can find them everywhere from a supermarket to a shopping plaza. The atmosphere is also the same and the service is also generic as they cater to almost everyone – so there is no specific type that they specialize in – since it is basically the mix of everything that they know.

You might visit one for your beard grooming service but you might not come out fully satisfied with your look. However, with a barber shop the experience is unique. Most of these shops are set in the older and historic buildings and they have been maintained for many decades now, so there is an authentic feeling to their atmosphere.

Some could be modern and bright while others could be vintage and homey catering to all grooming service only and only for men. So no matter the ambience, you will always find a barber shop that will match your type and preference.

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