Retro is in again, as in the case of pocket printer-camera like the new LG Pocket Photo Snap. Despite the popularity of digital imaging, there are some of us who still treasure the retro appeal of viewing and sharing printed photos and that’s what this latest gadget from LG is all about.

LG’s new PC389 Pocket Photo Snap is a hybrid instant camera and portable printer that allows you to take photos and print instantly on-the-go. The device is built like a traditional analog camera with a regular optical viewfinder and a sturdy outer case. Available in pink and blue, the product is endorsed by non other than the hottest K-pop group in the market now, BTS.

To add to the retro appeal, the device also features a black-and-white mode for those who like to see things in monochrome. It also has a reprint function to make multiple prints of group photos for sharing at parties.

Old tech doesn’t mean low tech. The LG Pocket Photo Snap can capture shots with five million pixel resolution and has a 30 image printing capacity on a charged device.

For those who want to use the device as a portable printer, it can be connected to a smartphone and PC tablet via Bluetooth to print photos taken by other devices in either Android and iOS. This handy connectivity allows users to conveniently share prints with the real world within 45 seconds.

If you would like to edit and enhance your pictures before printing, there is also the free Pocket Photo app which you can download on your mobile device for image editing before it goes to print.

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The LG Pocket Photo Snap prints moments exactly as you took them through the same printing process favoured by most professional photo printers. Most other instant cameras use “zero ink” technology that prints all colours at once, a process that often blurs images. Dye-sublimation delivers superior quality with rich colours and great clarity.

A major flaw of print photos is their eventual deterioration over time. In a first for an instant camera, photos printed with Pocket Photo Snap receive a transparent coating to protect against humidity and age. The coating prevents smudging of colours or degradation even if the photos get wet, making your photo prints more durable.

If you are wondering why the LG Pocket Photo Snap is bulkier in size than other previous models of instant cameras, that’s because the larger size is to accommodate for larger photo papers to give you bigger and more visible prints.

The Pocket Photo Snap produces photos that are 50 percent bigger than that of a traditional 1.8 x 2.4 inch Polaroid. Still, the attractive pastel-toned device is compact enough to fit almost anywhere and is also the only instant camera on the market that can produce black-and-white photos without the need for a separate ink cartridge.

“The Pocket Photo Snap provides differentiated value in capturing, preserving and sharing life’s memorable moments,” shared Hosik Kim, Product Director, LG Home Entertainment. “Through this handy device, LG will continue setting benchmarks for the instant camera and mobile printer industry and redefine market expectations.”

The LG Pocket Photo Snap retails at S$259 and is available in two colours – Blue or Pink. The photo paper cost S$29 per set and each print is 2.5” x 3.7” in size.

If you would like to find out more about the LG Pocket Photo Snap, visit the official website for more information.