After, a third new telco called Zero1 came into the Singaporean market, and is offering what many of us have been dying to hear since we lost it a few years ago.

Unlimited data plans are back!

According to a report by The Straits Times, Zero1  had been pre-registering customers on its website for the $19-a-month plan that will be launched this month

This special price is for the first 3000 subscribers. After that, the price is $29.99 for the first month onwards. Along with the unlimited internet, subscribers also get 200 minutes of talk time and 200 messages.

In contrast, Circles.Life offers unlimited daily data plans for $3 a day, as long as the subscriber has the $28 6-gigabyte unlimited plan. This comes up to more than $100 spent every month if you want truly unlimited internet from a subscription.

According to a report by Channel News Asia,  “Singtel offers unlimited data plans to its Combo 3, 6 and 12 subscribers at an additional S$39.90, while M1 has its S$98-a-month plan for SIM-only subscribers. StarHub, meanwhile, offers free unlimited data on weekends to users who signed up for one of its five postpaid plans unveiled last August.”

But what about the speed?

The chief complaint of people who use such unlimited plans is that heavier users would affect the bandwidth. But Zero1 has mentioned that it has a ca of 3GB for high-definition video downloads. Once users have downloaded 3GB of high def videos, the speed may be throttled.

The company still says that this will not affect normal services of streaming YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp calls and other common website usage.

What do netizens think of this new player?

Some netizens approved of the new player.

Others immediately wanted to know where to sign up.

While others weren’t sold on the “unlimited” tag for the subscriptions, and mentioned that the company only leases infrastructure from SingTel.

Some thought the fact that there was a cap at 3GB of downloading high speed videos did not really mean it was unlimited.

How about the subscribers who actually experienced the new service?

Since the new telco has been in operation since early March, people are now receiving SIM cards to use. Some people are still waiting for theirs to arrive.

While some people are already providing reviews for the plans that were picked up on the first day. According to this person, the upload and download speeds for Zero1 are allegedly 1 Mbps once you hit the 3GB limit. Streaming anime, music services are very slow.

YouTube, on the other hand, is not affected by the throttle.

Some people could not find what they were searching for.

While others, who knew that some people were disappointed with the plans, were asking if they could get the account from them. Others then pointed out that email addresses for the first 3000 accounts could not be changed, and that asking for the slot is tantamount to asking for the email account the user has.

What do you think of this new telco? Will you be switching? Let us know in the comments!

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