[Review] YOUNGs Bar & Restaurant @ Seletar Aerospace park - Alvinology

[Review] YOUNGs Bar & Restaurant @ Seletar Aerospace park

Located at the Seletar Aerospace park, experience a slice of Singapore’s colonial past when you dine at the restaurants there, including YOUNGs Bar & Restaurant.

[Review] YOUNGs Bar & Restaurant @ Seletar Aerospace park - Alvinology

In 1923, the British first developed this area to house a Royal Air Force (RAF) station that served Singapore from 1928 to 1971. To house RAF personnel and their families, numerous black and white bungalows were built and these buildings remain standing to this date, converted to bars, restaurants and shops as a lifestyle destination for locals.

AT YOUNGs, other than the hipster-cool ambient, it caters to a strong crowd of regulars and family diners with their selection of grill and bar menu. Asher and I visited out a weekend to try out their Weekend Menu and these were the items we sampled:

[Review] YOUNGs Bar & Restaurant @ Seletar Aerospace park - Alvinology
Chocolate Milkshake – S$14
[Review] YOUNGs Bar & Restaurant @ Seletar Aerospace park - Alvinology
Crispy Baby Squids, served with housemade sweet and spicy dip – S$14
[Review] YOUNGs Bar & Restaurant @ Seletar Aerospace park - Alvinology
Beef Tenderloin (200g) with choice of 1 side and 1 sauce, served with Mesclun salad – S$32
[Review] YOUNGs Bar & Restaurant @ Seletar Aerospace park - Alvinology
Surfin’ Salmon, grilled salmon fillet and fries, served with ume sauce, Yakult, cheese cubes, fruits and crackers and a soup – S$14

We observed many regulars at the restaurant, including families with young kids who were greeted like old friends by the service staff. The service was praiseworthy, with a high level of attentiveness and friendliness.

The steak I had was well prepared and I have no complaint, same with the appertiser. What I really like was the thoughtfulness of the kids menu, with an attempt to balance portion, fun and a somewhat healthy mix. Usually kids menu are an afterthought, with limited selection, but there are several choices at YOUNGs.

For the weekends, YOUNGs focuses on a hearty grill menu for the family crowd, offering everything from seafood to steaks and savoury meats such as the Rib Eye Steak, Tenderloin, and BBQ Pork Ribs served with generous portions of fresh vegetables on the side. YOUNGs also offers pizzas and other interesting appetizers for those who prefer not to eat seafood or meat.


YOUNGS Bar & Restaurant has a loyalty program offering 2 different tiers of membership. Patrons can get a $100 cash voucher for a return visit, enjoy up to 10% Cashback and collect up to 4 points for every $1 spent, and redeem exclusive deals ranging from light bites to specialty bespoke cocktails on subsequent visits. Members can also reserve a table in advance via the restaurant’s website or social media accounts. Details.


3 Hyde Park Gate, Singapore 799531
Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 10.30pm
Sat & Sun & PH: 08:30am – 10:30pm

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