Come 8 August, 7-Eleven will be introducing the exclusive 7-Premium range of Japanese delights, beverages and snacks just in time for Singapore’s National Day.
7-Premium was previously only available in 7-Eleven Japan, and Singapore is the first country outside Japan to bring the wide range of high quality – yet very affordable – Japanese confectionary and delights that travellers to Japan have come to love – and bring back luggage-full loads of.

Singaporeans can look forward to some unique goodies including Gingko Nuts which are dusted with mild roasted salt from Ishigaki island and Garlic fried in whole cloves for a mouth-watering and robust flavour. For the first time, 7-Eleven will also be introducing beverages flown in from Japan including the wildly popular Barley Tea which is brewed from 3 different types of barley for a well-balanced taste and aroma as well as Rooibos Tea, made from 100% South American organic ingredients and is caffeine-free.

22 Japanese snacks that were previously marketed under the 7-Select brand will now be available under the 7-Premium brand. The 7-Select range will continue to host 7-Eleven’s range of American made snacks such as the Prime Rib Flavoured Wavy Chips and our Ready Meals while the 7-Premium range will consist exclusively of high quality and affordable Japanese products from 7-Eleven.